Newbeacon • Han CITY is beside the second ring road, at the junction of Fangcao Road and Sixin North Road and is an important part of the side of the second ring, Wangjiawan Business District Radiation Region and Hanyang Core Area. It is just at the occasion of Wangjiawan business district expansion and “Four News” planning practice, and Newbeacon ...[+more]

           Wuhan Tokyu gathers management personnel from Japan, North America, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the local, adopts a business operation mode based on local conditions, combines the resource advantages and advanced management experience of both the Chinese and Japanese sides in commercial industry chain, provides customers with early-stage market ...[+more]

          Beacon International Hotel Management Co., Ltd., is a Beacon Group subsidiary specialized hotel investment and operating company, focused on high-end boutique hotel and investment management and brand building, with solid professional experience and international vision, good business reputation and service quality, with independent ..[+more]

           Wonderstar Education Development Co., Ltd., affiliated to Newbeacon Group, is mainly committed to kindergarten chain development and the R&D and production of related baby and kid-products. Its sub-brand Wonderstar International Kindergarten was jointly founded by Hubei Experimental Kindergarten Teacher School and ...[+more]

           Hubei yuan by the Church Health and Culture Development Co., Ltd. is a Chinese medicine hospital in Hubei Province, Hubei Province Hospital of,, treating disease research center and Beacon Development Group (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. co-founder of the first professional meridian conditioning agencies. Yuan by the Church is precipitated and concentrated essence of ...[+more]

           Wuhan New Party KTV, affiliated to Newbeacon International Group and founded in May 2011, is a fashion KTV combining fashion, business and private subscription and making individualized parties for different consumer groups. Now, New Party KTV has opened New Party KTV Hanshang Store, New Party KTV Guoguang Store, New Party KTV ...[+more]

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           The morning of June 29, 2013 new Beacon Hotel Group swimming competition was held in the Wuhan Sports Institute gymnasium. A total of 9 hotels from the new Beacon Hotel Group of Wuhan area, company headquarters, a total of 41 people through the selection in the game...[more]