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zoolungzoolung Animal theme park

The country's first indoor animal theme park
Determined to create a well-known animal theme park interactive brand

Let explorers understand “different worlds, same lives!” In their interaction with animals at close range.
No matter windy and rainy, can have a place that lets you be happy to relax, one can rest assured with animal friend's common existence fantasy forest!


History of development


ZOOLUNGZOOLUNG  Established (private / on behalf of Zheng Shangmin)


ZOOLUNGZOOLUNG (Headquarters) legal person conversion (100 million yuan of funds)
ZOOLUNGZOOLUNG  Haeundae injection into the establishment (100 million yuan of funds)
Submit Production Technical Support Agreement (University of Pusan Resource University of Life Sciences)


Signed a letter of cooperation between industry and academia (Dongming University Industry-Academic Cooperation Group)
Application for Animal Children's Park B.1 Design (No. 2013- 0001756)Application ZOOLUNGZOOLUNG trademark (71- 2013- 0000035 / 35,41 class)Signing donation agreement (Busan Metropolitan City Contribution Center for Social Contributions)Domestic initial whipping toucan (Toucan) interactive field successVenture Business Certification (201301037676 / Technical Assurance Fund)Sign Busan Fuqing University to work together


No.1 store Haeundae one year (430,000 visitors a year to deal with dry people)Spanish animal farm ZOOLOGICALSERVICES.S.L visited and signed
Apply for 2014 domestic cartoon character creation excavation support industry
ZOOLUNGZOOLU NG Lotte KINTEX shop (No. 2 shop) opened
ZOOLUNGZOOLU NG law into the replenishment of capital
Migration ZOOLUNGZOOLUNG headquarters to a mountain



ZOOLUNGZOOLUNG jiacang jiacang founded yesterday
ZOOLUNGZOOLUNG Gyeongju Pumen (No. 3 shop) opening plan


ZOOLUNGZOOLUNG China first established