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Care for disabled art exhibitions, New Binker Group help warm forward

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Care for disabled, light life, warm the world.
New Beacon Hotel Group leaders and disabled staff
  New Beacon Hotel Group as a leader in the local high-end hotel chain, not only in the hotel services and products far ahead, but also in all public welfare activities reflect the corporate social responsibility and mission; 2017 second “Fusion International Art Exhibition for People with Disabilities ”, the New Beacon Hotel Group, as a sponsor, will send care and warmth to the disabled people at this event.
The first fusion · International Disabled Art Exhibition
New Beacon Hotel Group leaders and related leaders of the CDPF
  The 2nd International Conference on ”Fusion International“ organized by China Disabled Persons' Federation, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China, China Disabled Persons' Magazine, Wuhan Federation of Disabled Persons' Federation of Art, Korea Charity Association and Dutch Spirit Museum, Disabled Art Exhibition ”grand opening in Wuhan. Guo Liqun, director of the propaganda department of China Disabled Persons 'Federation Guo Liqun, president and editor-in-chief of China Disabled Persons' magazine Ni Liren, member of Standing Committee of Wuhan Municipal Party Committee and secretary of Politics and Law Committee Hu Lishan, vice mayor of Wuhan Municipal People's Government Li Zhong, chairman of China Disabled People's Association Xu Fengjian Shinnyeong-jo, director of Art Institute of the Disabled, Kim Jong-hyun, chairman of the Korea Association of Disabled Artists, Segawa, director of the Japan Philanthropy Association, Hansi Luyizhen, curator of the Dutch Spirit Museum, Zhu Zhibin, vice chairman of Hubei Disabled People's Federation, deputy secretary general of Wuhan Municipal People's Government Chu Chunquan, Deputy General Manager of Newport Hotels Group, Zhou Yu, Deputy General Manager of Newport Hotels Group and Huang Jinghua, General Manager of Newport Kay Hotels and Resorts Executive Office attended the opening ceremony.
New Beacon Hotel Group leaders visit the painting scene
  Caring for people with disabilities, and caring for the community, the leaders of New Beacon Hotel Group visit the painting scene and cordially chat during the on-site painting process to discuss the details of the event and understand the related situation of the disabled persons.
Award-winning artist representative came to accept the award
  A total of 100 pieces of excellent works by 100 handicapped artists from 10 countries and regions were selected for the exhibition. Among them, 30 pieces won the Best Creative Award.
New Beacon Hotel Group leaders and disabled participants
  During the event, the leaders of New Beacon Hotel Group, as invited guests of the event, came to the backstage to send the festivals greetings to the contestants in advance, hoping that they would win more warmth and love from the society while winning the prize.
Chu Bingquan, vice president of New Beacon Hotel Group, and the relevant person in charge of the CDPF
  In the event, the New Beacon Group won the honorary title of “meritorious deeds of meritorious service for helping the disabled,” and called on all walks of life to care for charity and commonweal culture, arouse people's love, pay attention to charity and public welfare and help the vulnerable groups.
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