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K9 refuse transfer station on the incident public statement

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  The Hanyang New Binkai International Community Project developed by our company was built due to the problem of refuse transfer station, the Hanyang Sub-district Government of the Territorial Government, Hanyang Branch of the Regional Government, Regional Management Committee, EPB, New Beacon Properties and the representatives of the owners Consultation, in the case of the agreement did not reach consensus, trigger disputes. Some owners took to the streets to contain the blockage; individual owners through the media and related websites made false reports, Newport Kay corporate image caused significant harm.
  In response, Wuhan Shilihanghang Real Estate Co., Ltd. made the following public statement:
  1. In order to further solve the problem of outdoor garbage collection in the city, the municipal government listed 150 new garbage collection stations as one of “ten practical items” in 2017. After the study, in July 2017, the “Report on the Feasibility Study on Newly Constructed Six Living Refuse Collecting Station (Housing) Projects in Hanyang District in 2017 (on behalf of the project)” issued by the Hanyang Development and Reform Commission To build living garbage transfer stations in the six sub-districts of New Binkai, supporting the construction of water supply and drainage, power supply and distribution, fire fighting and safety facilities. At the same time, configure deodorant facilities, cleaning tools. The municipal government “one of the ten things” garbage collection station construction, with reasonableness, and through the review, is legitimate.
  2. due to the owners do not understand, November 7, the government departments concerned publicly committed to dismantle the K9 community refuse transfer station, on the second day into the actual implementation phase, New Beacon property actively cooperate with the demolition work and continued attention.
  However, a small number of unidentified owners, without investigation and research, wrote articles about Newcastle Garbage Transfer Station, which contained insulting statements about New Beacon and advertised on the internet, Damage, but also affect the general public awareness and trust of the New Beacon brand.
  In response to these false reports, as well as Newport Kay corporate image and word of mouth caused great harm behavior, Division I solemnly declare:
  1.  hope the majority of netizens rational screening information authenticity, must not blindly listen to bias, not to be forwarded, to expand the spread of false information;
  2. For irresponsible people and malicious communicators, our company solemnly issued a statement that we have taken evidence of the untrue article and resolutely passed the law to resist online violence and kept further ruling by law and law. Law makers responsibility to protect the legitimate rights and interests of our company is committed to promoting a healthy social environment of the rule of law.
Wuhan Shili Singapore Airlines Co., Ltd.
  Annex I: Hanyang District Government relevant departments reply screenshots
  Annex 2: Hanyang District Government departments on the garbage collection station public posters
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