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  Precise positioning and co-construction competitive advantage is a shopping mall and brand cooperation win-win basis
  - Interview with Tan Xiaoguang, Vice President of Newbridge Group
  Editor's note: At present, the overall pattern of China's big business has three manifestations: first, the momentum of incremental import continues to be strong; second, the demand for stock improvement is intensifying; and third, the marketing strategy for stimulating sales and customer traffic has entered a precise state. These three major developments have begun to profoundly affect the redevelopment capabilities of various commercial facilities and commercial brands.
  Mall investment costs, retail brand shop show a “double high” cost, and become a strong constraint for the development and growth of most enterprises; to achieve investment and shop business efficiency, reduce the business costs of developers and retailers as both sides agreed.
  However, on the shopping center investment and brand shop cooperation, the performance and efficiency of both sides has been unable to walk in the optimal orbit. A short time, this phenomenon seems unable to change. In the critical period of mutual game, it is indeed necessary and meaningful to establish effective interactive cooperation with a new professional perspective.
  In response to the theme of “capturing new directions & establishing new cooperation,” this issue of China Merchants Mall “China Shopping Center” magazine invited Mr. Tan Xiaoguang, vice president of New Binker Group, to share his opinion.
  As long as the real market segments, to create demand, enhance the value of commercial growth, stock and market demand will gradually achieve a dynamic equilibrium pattern.
  In a period of time, there will surely be some competition between the newly added amount of the shopping center and the original stock, and at the same time, it presents a mutually reinforcing trend of re-subdividing a market and eventually achieving a dynamic equilibrium Process, Tan Xiaoguang think so.
  The so-called old and new shopping centers, only available time, scale space and format Iteration different only. New and old have their own advantages and disadvantages as well. The new shopping mall has the advantage of keeping pace with the times and even the forward-looking advantages in the design highlights, architectural functions, innovation of the line and brand formats and matching with the market, and can avoid generating The original old business body is not enough or even wrong. The original shopping mall has a certain market opportunities, a stable customer base, market awareness and market share advantages, which in turn is the lack of new shopping centers, but it also has congenital deficiencies, such as in the lot, traffic, moving There are disadvantages in innovation of line, scale, building, space and format brands, repositioning, improving and optimizing existing shopping malls to achieve the goal of “trade-in”。 These can be based on the location of shopping malls and the status of the client according to local conditions to effectively make up for the strategy.
  Overall, for the new increase of shopping centers, the final project or from the lot, the demographic structure and demand characteristics and competitive conditions to conduct a comprehensive consideration and positioning development. In addition, due to the limited brands, the convergence of combinations and the imitation of places and other reasons, it is unlikely to have obvious personality traits, only innovative formats and services in the short term can not be copied, so between the new and the stock It is crucial to find the difference between innovative formats and services in the competition.
  In the long run, the overall market supply scale and future market demand will reach a basic balance. In the past, there were many opportunities for investment in the commercial market environment. Commercial project investors are not going to make systematic market judgments. Nowadays, the market environment, consumption patterns and consumer psychology have undergone tremendous changes. Business ecology is very complex and dynamic. Now, Business Investment Chamber of Commerce for the market demand for capacity and investment needs to make a systematic assessment and forward-looking judgments.
  Of course, we do not rule out that some shopping centers will be closed due to incorrect positioning and poor management. This is because the development operators do not fit well with the target market in terms of market positioning, product service, operation mode, and client promotion Customer needs and market changes. From the perspective of client marketing, business increment and stock are not completely hedged in the aspects of customer segmentation, customer interaction, maintenance and promotion, etc., but they can achieve a dynamic equilibrium relationship with each other after the pre-competition, Incremental specific customer base is not the same. In my opinion, the demand on the one hand, the market needs to be very good to meet, on the other hand can lead to nurture a new market demand, the market's products, services and customer value will expand the total size can find the corresponding market demand, The supply side drives demand side growth. The so-called supply-side reform, to ensure that the client's incremental demand can be synchronized, and finally make the mall incremental and stock to achieve the dynamic balance between supply and demand.
  Only shopping centers and brands to reach a common vision for cooperation in order to form a mutually beneficial win-win business success.
  Shopping malls and brands are a community of mutual needs. Only the two sides reached a common vision of cooperation and sincere cooperation in order to form a mutually beneficial win-win business success
  Let brands know about the development vision, business objectives and investment strategies of shopping centers, let shopping malls know the development requirements of brand manufacturers, the latest products and the shop model. Both sides take the cooperative management role to locate the investment promotion and establish the most favorable to both parties The performance of support and efficiency of the support of the cooperation model. Of course, there are many difficulties and contradictions in the actual environment and in the process of cooperation.
  In this regard, Tan Xiaoguang said that the mall developers and brand associations play against each other, the two cooperation is indeed sometimes a dilemma. On the one hand, developers are faced with difficulties in attracting investment, limited resources and unsatisfactory rent, and are subject to the dual challenges of e-commerce and homogeneous competition. All these bring great troubles to developers; on the other hand, brands Willing to the uncompetitive shopping center, to enter the excellent shopping center but also pay the high rent, so shop more and more cautious, the brand settled in the rental price and the cost of shop is also growing, the developer's investment The price is also more and more, as a result, shopping mall developers and brands caught in a investment, shop costs show a “double high” vicious circle.
  How to crack this problem, Tan Xiaoguang think you can start from four. First, starting from the customer base, developers should clearly determine the pros and cons of their shopping mall location, business positioning and the corresponding space inside and outside the architectural advantages of the scene, is to do geostationary or non geostationary format? Is the market segment, or all-passenger, full format? It can be said lot advantages, precise positioning and the advantages of the built environment is the shopping mall and retailer to establish the primary basis for cooperation. As for the future trend, there will be a gradual decrease of large-scale shopping centers in the city level. Because full-service shopping malls have high requirements on the main driving brands, at the same time, there are certain investment risks and market risks in the business scale. Therefore, positioning Accurate is very important. Second, the product mix should meet the differentiation requirements of differentiation. Thirdly, we must carry out accurate marketing and effective marketing and valuable service operation by professional operation and management companies. We can successfully bring in target customers and support the active and efficient consumption in commercial establishments to achieve the desired operating results. Fourthly, shopping malls and brand owners jointly operate a large-scale target customer base and take a win-win model of rent-back + revenue deduction in cooperation to jointly manage the overall business of the shopping mall.
  Opportunities and challenges coexist, the key is to accurately locate and create business products, services, business travel features and competitiveness
  Looking at the rapidly changing Chinese business, lifestyle, social experience, format innovation and high cost performance have become the key to the future development of China's commerce and how to get out of its unique development model in a new commercial environment.
  Tan Xiaoguang said that at present China's commercial real estate and operations are both opportunities and challenges. With the impact of the Internet e-commerce and people's consumption psychology maturing, the commercial market has taken place and continues to undergo fundamental changes. Business is no longer essentially Simple to meet people's shopping needs and functional needs, but for the precise segment of the market targeted fashion, fashion, fun, cost-effective way of life, lifestyle, experience entertainment, social and living space solutions for the service process .
  Talking about the business development plan of New Binker Group, Tan Xiaoguang revealed that New Binker Group takes “modern life service provider” as its mission and is committed to creating business travel products and services different from traditional business. Our customers, members and citizens Provide a variety of fun, stylish living experience social space. December 2017 New Beacon will be home to two commercial projects at DSM International and Han City International Community Business Center. DSM International Center is a lifestyle hub for urban lifestyle innovations centered on mid-to-high end Young, intellectual and wise fashion crowd. Han City International Community Business Center is a community business center combining small-scale MALL and open-ended neighborhoods, focusing on the whole family-style consumer groups within 3km of the geography.
  The New Binker Group has a total of more than 100 million square meters of business volume. In order to broaden the international perspective and strategic vision, integrate the domestic and international business resources, operating experience and team combination, as early as 2011 New Binkai Group and Japan Tokyu Department Stores Co., Ltd. established a long-term strategic cooperative relations in 2016 our group Of the business sector merged with the well-known commercial Jiuzhou vision to form Jiuzhou Vision Business Travel Development Co., Ltd., with the full range of business from the positioning of business projects, research, planning, construction, investment, operations to asset management and other chain business Operational capabilities and professional team, we have also invested in a number of emerging business format content projects that can meet future market needs and are forward-looking. We look forward to sharing the business development experience with investment developers, operators and brand merchants in domestic and overseas commercial fields and promoting mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation so as to jointly promote the innovation, promotion, and successful development of China's commerce.
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