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New Binker Group + Motorcyclist, this winter corner encounter "love"

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New Binkay Group invites you to ride for free


This winter, a bit cold.
Do not be afraid, let's send it warm!
Work together to ride a bicycle, embark on a happy journey,
Let you corner encounter love,
New Bering Group special title
Show Luo 2017 Crazy World Tour - Wuhan Station.
New Beacon Kayaker X.
Invite you to a “ride” green car trip
Use the most environmentally friendly means of transportation
Meet at the corner of the concert
Maybe the corner really encounter true love
December 3 Zhuankou Stadium Luo Zhi-xiang concert
 “Crazy World” Crazy World
Spend 15 million purchase of 5 (KUKA) industrial robot arm
Take you to experience the highest technology stage effect
Create a different visual feast
  Month card instructions
  Click on the “free receive” button to get a monthly card, free ride 30 days, unlimited. The deadline is November 30.
  The number of free ride days starts from the day of collection, ending at 24:00 on the free ride.
  If the card is withdrawn for free during the period of use, the monthly card expires immediately and can no longer enjoy the free riding rights and can only receive one ride for 30 days and can not be collected repeatedly.
  2 hours before each trip free of charge, beyond the time in accordance with normal billing rules.
  The activities of the monthly cycling card provided by the motorcycle cycling uniform, in case of related services or quality problems, please consult with the motorcycle solicitation, New Beacon Group does not assume the corresponding responsibility.
  ps: Bicycles involved in the issue, please contact Tel: 4008117799


Month card instructions
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