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New Binkay Group exclusive title Show Luo 2017 crazy world tour

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  After the performance of Show Luo 2011 by Luo Zhixiang on December 3, 2017, Show Luo 2017 “CRAZY WORLD” will be held at the Wuhan Sports Center Gymnasium (Zhuankou)。 Last April launched the Luo Zhixiang crazy world tour, costing billions of production costs, call multinational elite team carefully crafted, cool, shocking atmosphere: 15 million yuan to build the stage for the United States and dance, together with the pig's unique songs Hot dance makes immersive feel an unparalleled audio-visual feast.




  To talk about “pet pink beans”, Luo Zhixiang can be described as a ring within the 20 years of standing gold signboard. Mr Lo manages his own fan called “Wife,” and he treats his wife as a favorite fan at the concert. Before the show, he said something like “Wife” to be warm and entertaining, and to give Surprise a new link to all fans. Therefore, after playing the show of “Asian Dancer” in the 18th series of theatrical series, Luo Zhixiang returned to the beginning of his life and rehearsed the highly acclaimed “Fine Dance” to the concert tour of “CRAZY WORLD” To meet the “wife” who are fond of his love.

  Show Luo 2017 “CRAZY WORLD Crazy World” Concert - Wuhan Station
Performance time
December 3, 2017
Performance venues
  Wuhan Sports Center Stadium (dunkou)
Performance fares
  299/499/699/899 / VIP / VVIP stands / VVIP infields
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