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New Binkie special sponsor 2017 Wuhan "find a home for youth" Jiangcheng folk music festival

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  New Beacon Group special sponsor 2017 Wuhan “find a home for youth” Jiangcheng folk music festival, will be November 11, 12 grand opening of the Garden Expo in Wuhan. The theme of this festival is “Find a Home for Youth,” and it brings together half of the domestic folk sector. There is a well-deserved folk song a sister Chen tablets, the strongest protection of the best sister band, “when you are old,” the original song Zhao Zhao, face is not plastic surgery there is a song like the two Keke, Sing for superb music Wise hair is not easy, Wuhan folk can not shake the iconic figure Feng Xiang, the most sought after youth the most crazy band Deer Xiansen band, Wuhan female business card The warmest female landlord's cat, folk singer's Yan value play Niu Niu, CCTV “News Network” interviewed an independent musician, talent in China's independent music TOP1 Su Zixu. As an annual festival of folk music festival, Jiangcheng Music Festival should detonate the scene.



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