New Beacon, has always focused on modern life operations

  Founded in 1993, New Beacon is an integrated enterprise group that has been serving as a modern lifestyle operator since its establishment. It is devoted to developing modern life in the business of living, real estate development, consumer service Entertainment life (business operations), boutique business travel (hotel operations), education (life), health living (health management) five life industries and unbounded life platform, focus on modern life operations, to make outstanding contributions to improve the quality of urban life .

  24 years of pioneering spirit, writing inspirational business Hua Zhang

  New Binker continues its vision and mission of upgrading the quality of modern life over the years. After 24 years of development, the total number of employees in the group exceeds 5,000, guaranteeing the operation and service of modern life. Developing residential, shopping, commercial, office, hotel, Type apartment and other properties of 3000000 square management and operation of more than 20 four-star, five-star hotel, ranked in the high-end chain hotel industry in Hubei Province; founded more than 30 early childhood education institutions and three types of health management agencies - yuan In addition, it also owns the domestic first-class full-scale business management agency - Jiuzhou Vision Business Travel Co., Ltd., which has laid a good foundation for the operation of urban modern life.