Career development:

Newbinkai group advocates the close combination of personal career and enterprise development. The position system is designed based on the career development path, which aims to provide employees with a broader career promotion space and stage. Through the sustained and rapid growth of the enterprise, employees can be continuously improved in the enterprise, so as to promote the faster development of the enterprise and complement each other. At the same time, pay attention to the cultivation of talents, and adopt various ways such as practical training, tutor guidance and various training and training to help talents grow.

Salary structure:

The remuneration policy of nubinkai group reflects the performance orientation and ability improvement, and encourages employees to integrate personal development into the long-term development of the enterprise.

Welfare security:

Newbinkai group provides employees with rich and diverse benefits, implements humanistic care, ensures the balance between work and life, and fully embodies the "people-oriented" culture.

Training mode:

"New power" management trainee program: the company recruits a group of fresh graduates (undergraduate and master's students) with high comprehensive quality and potential on campus every year. After continuous and all-round training after joining the company, they can quickly grow into employees who meet the post requirements and have certain professional skills and management quality, and explore talents with management potential, To fully realize the company's human resources strategy of reserving, developing and managing talents.

"New journey" talent echelon training plan: the company selects core backbone personnel in all sectors of the group, establishes "new journey" training camps, and formulates and implements systematic training including development strategy, corporate culture, operation and management, human resources, finance and finance, resource integration and professional skill improvement, so as to rapidly increase their leadership, management skills and professional level, Match with the company's business development, develop and cultivate a young management team suitable for the company's future development.

"New Lighthouse" succession training plan: carry out succession training for senior managers, find and confirm succession candidates for senior management positions in all departments, sectors and operation and management companies of the group, and take the methods of entrusted training of Management College, President class training, job rotation and skill training, study tour, etc. in combination with enterprise needs and personal career planning, Be inclusive, innovative thinking and absorb wisdom, reserve new energy for the improvement of enterprise operation level and management quality, and cultivate core human capital for the strategic development of the group.