Chi Li Shijian Deer Bookstore reveals the new work "Big Trees and Small Worms": people who love literature are forever young



  At 2:00 pm on June 23, 2019, Chi Li, the chairman of Wuhan Federation of Literary and Art Circles and a famous writer, brought her ten-year hard work "Big Trees and Small Worms" to Shijian Deer Bookstore East Lake Branch to hold "Chi Li's Novels and New Books Sharing Session" .

  The famous writer @lixiuwen, the poet @zhangzhihao, and the well-known media writer @huangtongtong took the opportunity of Chi Li's new book "Big Trees and Small Worms", combined with the background of the times and the development of Wuhan, to deeply discuss the novels of Chi Li and its Road, talk about Chi Li's double success in pure literature and best-selling, as well as the unique influence on the growth of Chinese women. "She is a unique novelist, and this uniqueness is becoming more and more important today." She loves literature, always has a keen sense of life, and is always young.