Mid-Autumn Festival Gifts丨New Beacon Collection Mooncake Delivery Mooncake Event Begins



The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming,

Participate in the "New Beacon Collection Mooncakes to Give Mooncakes" event,

That is, have the opportunity to get a mooncake gift box worth 228 yuan

(limited to top 10)

In addition to the moon cake gift box, the prizes

There are also Mid-Autumn Festival dried fruit gift boxes, movie coupons, etc...

Share the mooncakes, Kat!

The full moon is full of flowers, Ji!

Family reunion, Kat!

Pay attention to the public account of New Beacon Group, good luck! !

How to participate in the event is as follows:

The prizes are as follows:

(Limited places, the first to collect the full moon cakes, the higher the chance of winning!)

(The list of winners will be released on the New Beacon Group public account platform on September 25, 2018)

*The final interpretation right belongs to New Beacon Group

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