New Beacon Hotel Qiaokou District has added a new member to create a gathering place for business and leisure!


New Beacon Group


  On August 2, 2018, New Beacon Hotel Group and Wuhan Pengrui Business Hotel Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement. The partner officially entrusted the New Beacon Hotel Group to manage the hotel property located at No. 68 Changfeng Road.

  ▼Official contract

  Mr. Zhou Yu, General Manager of Development Center of New Beacon Hotel Group, Mr. Zhao Jianmin, Deputy General Manager, Mr. Yue Jian, General Manager of Operation Center, Mr. Hu Zhendong, Director of Marketing Center, Mr. Wang Chunman, General Manager of Wuhan Pengrui Business Hotel, and Deputy General Manager Wang Guanghui Mr. Wang Wanzhen, assistant to the general manager, Mr. Wang Wanfu, the store manager, and other relevant personnel attended the signing ceremony and reached a cooperation.

  The hotel is located at No. 68, Changfeng Avenue, Qiaokou District. It is equipped with 72 rooms of various types, supporting deluxe chess and card rooms, conference rooms, fashionable catering, and independent parking lot. It is a multi-functional hotel for travelers to have accommodation experience, leisure and relaxation, business travel, and vacation travel. .

  ▼Hotel environment

  Qiaokou District is located in the west of Hankou, Wuhan City, adjacent to the Yangtze River in the east and adjacent to Jianghan District; south of the Han River, across the water from Hanyang District; west to Duluokou and Forehead Bay, north to Zhanggong Causeway and bordering Dongxihu District. At the same time, 6 bridges in Qiaokou District span the Han River, connecting Beijing-Guangzhou Railway, Wuhan Inner Ring Line and Middle Ring Line respectively. 5 main roads and Wuhan Rail Transit Line 1 run through the whole area. It is close to Hankou Railway Station and more than 20 kilometers away from Wuhan Tianhe International Airport. The transportation is convenient and the geographical position is superior.

  New Beacon Hotel Group serves high-quality business travel and life. It has developed deeply from Hubei and expanded rapidly. Wuhan, Shanghai, Enshi, Jingzhou, Shennongjia, Huanggang, and Yunnan are all over New Beacon hotels. Up to now, the company has more than 60 star-rated hotels, including 40 opened hotels. The company owns: New Beacon Walden Hotel, New Beacon International Hotel, New Beacon Shangju Hotel, New Beacon Avetin Hotel , New Beacon Hotel and New Beacon NEW+ Apartment.

  In 2018, New Beacon Hotel accelerated its strategic layout, deeply cultivated Hubei Province, expanded its market share and proportion, and continuously optimized and upgraded its products to bring consumers a better living experience.