Professional public service creates a warm "home" Hanyang "Fengcai Weijia" helps female talents stay in Han to start businesses


New Beacon Group


  Changjiang Daily, August 1 (Reporter Shi Qiang, Correspondent Wu Qinghua, Intern Wang Xuejiao and Ye Yixin) "'Fengcai Weijia' gives us a very warm home feeling." Wang Xuejiao, a graduate female college student who stayed in Hanyang New Beacon Talent Apartment Jiao (pseudonym) said. In order to better help female students studying in Han after graduation to start their own businesses, the Women's Federation of Hanyang District, together with New Beacon and social volunteers, jointly created the "Fengcai Weijia" platform to solve problems for female students studying in Han.

  After graduating from university, 23-year-old Wang Jiao responded to the call to stay in Hanyang and is currently working in a company. At the beginning of this year, through a friend's introduction, she applied to live in the "NEW+" talent apartment in New Beacon. In July, "Fengcai Weijia" launched a series of activities after the listing. She actively participated in all of them and felt that she had gained a lot. She said that the "Pink Umbrella" campaign can provide timely legal aid, which is very helpful for women like her who have not worked long hours.

  On the morning of August 1, the reporter came to the "Fengcai Weijia" activity base located in the Member Center of the City of Lighthouses in New Beacon. The contact information of volunteers in various sections was hung on the wall, attracting many citizens to stop.

  The person in charge of the Women's Federation of Hanyang District stated that, focusing on Wuhan's goal of "leaving millions of college students in five years", Hanyang District took the New Beacon Talent Apartment as a Hanyang talent reserve, and established "Fengcai Weijia" in early July to integrate Social resources, with the main line of serving female college students studying in Hanyang, build a professional talent team, and create a warm "home" atmosphere for nearly 400 female college students studying in Hanyang.

  According to reports, "Fengcai Weijia" has created Weijia characteristic services from four aspects: "Professional Village", "Fate Corner", "Pink Umbrella" and "Whispering Whisper", and holds a theme salon every week for college students and female talents. Provide professional public welfare services in employment guidance, marriage and friendship, legal consultation, psychological counseling, etc.

  Dai Chao, operation director of New Beacon Group-Xiaocheng Technology (Wuhan) Co., Ltd., said that every event of "Fengcai Weijia" attracts a large number of women, including residents of surrounding communities. The introduction of this project not only serves the female college students who live in the talent apartment, but also provides more rights and interests for the registered members of the company. At present, the project has been promoted among more than 600,000 registered members in the city, and directly radiates more than 20 communities around the member center. In the next step, the company will consider further copying this model and expand the scope to serve students studying in Han.

  It is understood that since the beginning of this year, Hanyang District has piloted the establishment of "Women's Micro Homes" in the homes, offices (operations) and activity places of members of executive committees at all levels where conditions permit, extending the service radius of "Women's Homes" and supplementing "Women's Homes" ” service function, so far, 50 micro homes with the word “phoenix” have been established.