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  July 2018

  On July 18, Party Secretary and Director Deng Wanxiang of Wuhan Housing Management Bureau, Chen Xinzheng, Deputy Director, Cai Song, Deputy Head of Hanyang District, and Peng Liansheng, Party Secretary and Director of Hanyang Housing Management Bureau investigated and inspected the pilot project of housing rental system and mechanism in Hanyang District --New Beacon NEW+ apartment. Zeng Guilin, chairman of the group, and Chen Shanghua, vice president and general manager of Hanyang Project Company, accompanied the inspection. Mr. He Liang, general manager of the apartment company, introduced the operation of the NEW+ apartment.

  July 2018

  From July 4th to 5th, the 9th Industry, Commerce and Finance Development Cooperation Conference of China Purchase Alliance was grandly held in Shenzhen. Representatives from real estate, commerce, finance, and industrial sectors across the country, as well as major mainstream media, witnessed the industry event. New Beacon Group was invited to participate, and Tan Xiaoguang, vice president of the group, attended the conference and delivered a speech.

  July 2018

  On July 25, the 6th Member Congress of Wuhan Real Estate Development Enterprises Association was grandly held, and New Beacon Group was successfully elected as the vice-chairman unit of the 6th Council.

  In addition to New Beacon Group, a total of 16 major first-tier real estate companies including Wuhan Vanke, Wuhan Evergrande, Fuxing Fitch, and Zhuoer Zhicheng Group were elected.

  July 2018

  From July 3rd to July 9th, the Human Resources Department of the Group organized a week-long "New Power" induction training camp training activity. The curriculum of this training activity includes general courses, professional quality courses and project visits, which opens a career journey to the future of "New Beacon" for all "new forces".

  July 2018

  On July 27, the relevant leaders of the Wuhan Housing Provident Fund Management Center University Branch visited the New Beacon Group and held a special training lecture on provident fund loans, providing professional training for accelerating the provident fund loan application process and lending procedures after purchasing a house. Group Executive Chairman Yang Xiaohydro, Executive President Zhang Rui, and heads of relevant departments of the Group's Finance Department and Marketing Center attended the training.

  real estate sector

  July 7, 2018

  On July 7, the parking spaces of the third phase of Han City International Community were grandly opened. The "Battle for Seats" was brilliantly staged. The hot scene was comparable to the World Cup, and the sales trend lived up to expectations. Many parking spaces were snapped up by enthusiastic car owners, and they achieved another success.

  July 21, 2018

  On July 21, Huangzhou Academy and New Beacon Township Merchant Medical held a large-scale merchant alliance event. Various performances such as fitness muscle show and sand painting were splendid and popular.

  As a new member of New Beacon Town, Huangzhou Academy, the large-scale merchant alliance activities can effectively launch the project brand, import the customer resources of the alliance merchants, and make comprehensive preparations for the later sales.

  business sector

  July 14, 2018

  "Fangzhizhou Music Festival • Dare to Think PARTY" is the best scene

  On July 14th, "Fangzhizhou Music Festival • Dare to Think PARTY" was held in Fangzhizhou Life Center, a commercial project of New Beacon Group. Hundreds of five fans and 3 "Five Fans Live Party" lead singers performed the best performance in the country. Five fans.

  Sound waves, food, swimming pool party, World Cup live broadcast, how hot the summer in Wuhan is, the enthusiasm on the scene is so "burning".

  July 20, 2018

  "When the tree is deep, you see a deer, but the stream doesn't hear the bell at noon."

  "Seeing Deer Bookstore" is a new platform for cultural tourism and cultural creativity created by New Beacon Group with cultural life aesthetics as its core path. Covering cross-border bookstores, Lujian Business School, and public cultural living spaces planned by new media media. The first Shijianlu Bookstore is located in the scenic Ma'anshan Forest Park in Wuhan, and will officially open on September 28.

  July 20, 2018

  On July 20, the group's mid-to-high-end medical and beauty skin care brand, the second branch of Taiwan Meizi in Hubei Province, was grandly opened in the lobby on the first floor of New Beacon Luguang International Hotel. Taiwan Meizi professional medical beauty skin care products, using a number of international patented technologies, selected European imported raw materials, to create high-quality low-cost products. Experience a different "instant absorption" activity for free.

  July 20, 2018

  On July 20, Beacon City Member Center and new+ Apartment joined hands with Hanyang District Women's Federation to hold "employment guidance" and "legal rights consultation" activities at Beacon City member store. This is also the first event since the Women's Federation of Hanyang District and New Beacon Group jointly established the "Fengcai Weijia".

  At the event site, the staff of Hanyang District Women's Federation enthusiastically provided relevant consultation to female friends, solved their work and life problems, provided patient explanations for legal questions, and provided professional guidance for career planning.

  Hotel group segment

  July 11, 2018

  On July 11, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation between the hotel group and Houxiang Designers Office was grandly held in the conference room of Houxiang Designers Office. The two parties will cooperate to create a brand-new hotel, living and living experience, adding vitality to the modern life service experience of New Beacon.

  July 12, 2018

  On July 12, the hotel group signed a cooperation framework agreement with Xishuangbanna Tiancheng Hotel. It is planned to entrust New Beacon Hotel Group to manage the hotel project located in Jinghong Middle Road, Xishuangbanna Prefecture, Yunnan Province. Home travel hotel.

  July 23, 2018

  On July 23, Mr. Yang Wei, Chairman of CCB Housing Service Co., Ltd., and Mr. Liu Jiang, President, visited CCB Jianrong Jiayuan·NEW+ Apartment in person, and had in-depth exchanges with the NEW+ Apartment team on the operation and cooperation of the apartment.

  July 2018

  In July, the hotel group held an online quiz competition on corporate culture. After intense competition, the team champion went to Bingobang Technology Company. Wu Bin, vice president of the group and chairman of the hotel group, presented awards to the winning units in person.

  July 5, 2018

  On July 5, New Beacon Property invited senior leaders of Wuhan Liantou Property Co., Ltd. and professionals in the field of property management to the property company for industry exchanges. Representatives of the two parties discussed in depth the new situation and new problems faced by property service companies at the meeting, shared and communicated new trends and new opportunities in the future of the industry, aiming to explore the development direction of the property service industry and improve the service quality of property companies.

  July 6, 2018

  On July 6th, New Beacon Property held the informatization working group establishment and informatization construction work kick-off meeting. Mr. Wu Tonghuan, general manager of Express Business Company, and senior leaders of Tencent's smart community open platform "Tencent Haina" attended as special guests. this meeting. At the meeting, the current situation of the property industry and the current situation and development trend of the integration of information operation and property services were discussed in depth.

  Education section

  July 7, 2018

  On July 7th, the final of the second "Wangsta" Cup Basketball League came to an end at the KSC training camp. The Wangsda Shengai team won the championship, and the Chaoshangcheng and Crystal teams won the runner-up and third place respectively!

  Health section

  July 2018

  In July, Weizhi Health's "Floral Art Healing Center" launched a pilot operation, combining Chinese medicine essence with Indian Ayurveda floral healing to promote body system circulation and emotional energy maintenance. At present, Xinhua Road Yuanjingtang Store, Huanggang Yuanjingtang Store and New Beacon New Era Hotel have set up experience centers, and will soon build independent physical stores to create the brand flagship image of "Flower Fragrance Yuanjingtang".

  July 2018

  In July, Weizhi Children's Health Management Center provided a number of children's health examinations including growth and development, nutrition, vision, oral cavity, psychology, etc. for left-behind children who came to Han to reunite with their parents! To practice corporate responsibility and pay attention to children's health, we have been taking action!