How many people in Jiangcheng understand the grievances of Wangjiawan?


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  ​ Qingchuan is full of Hanyang trees, and the grass is full of parrots. More than a thousand years ago, Cui Hao traveled to Wuhan and left behind a song "Yellow Crane Tower", which has been sung through the ages, and the beauty of Hanyang has been known to everyone. As one of the three towns in Wuhan, compared with its reputation in ancient times, today's Hanyang can only be ranked after Hankou and Wuchang.

  With the help of the rejuvenation of Wuhan and the planning of the Yangtze River Economic Belt, Hanyang has been developing vigorously in recent years. The urban area is changing with each passing day. Low key. Among them, Wangjiawan is the epitome of the whole new city development of Hanyang.

  Wangjiawan "makeover", in charge of Hanyang Center

  For people in Wuhan, when they mention Hanyang, they often think of Zhongjia Village. As a regional old business district, it is a veritable old center, while Wangjiawan leaves the world with an impression of dilapidated streets, chaotic roads, and full of grooves. . Perhaps it is because the inherent image is so deep that some people still think that way. In fact, today's Wangjiawan is not what it used to be. Can be washed clean.

  The renovated Hanyang Avenue and Longyang Avenue are spacious, unobstructed, and refreshing. Driving is comfortable and enjoyable. Walking on the second ring road leads directly to the three towns. Optics Valley, Tianhe Airport and East Lake are no longer far away. The opening of Metro Line 4 and Line 3 not only makes the regional traffic criss-cross and provides a variety of choices, but also allows Wangjiawan to rise rapidly by taking advantage of the transfer station, stealing the limelight of Zhongjia Village and becoming the new center of Hanyang. The completion of Moore City, Haitian Happy Shopping, and Ocean Department Store has made Wangjiawan a well-known regional business district comparable to Hankou Wuguang and Wuchang Hanjie. The maturity and development of transportation and commerce have become a pair of powerful wings for Wangjiawan, which has taken off rapidly, causing the entire Wuhan to look up.

  Sit back and enjoy the prosperity, the future is at your fingertips

  Today's Wangjiawan has been completely new; tomorrow's Wangjiawan, the grand blueprint has taken shape. In 2016, the Outline of the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development of Hanyang District of Wuhan City (2016-2020) was officially released. Wangjiawan will be built into "Wangjiawan Modern Business District", one of the "three districts". The Wangjiawan business district, where New Beacon [Park Lane] is located, will take the core position and focus on development. It is not difficult to imagine that, with the help of the government's planning, Wangjiawan will rise to a higher level in the future and become an epoch-making and international metropolis.

  With the rise of Wangjiawan, the core real estate in the area like New Beacon [Park Lane] next to Shilipu Metro Station will naturally enjoy various advantages, whether it is the current dual subway transportation, the sophisticated business circle, or the future. The city is prosperous, and everyone can sit back and enjoy the success. At the same time, combining with the nearly 13,000-square-meter urban ecological park and community to create a 66,000-square-meter one-stop three-dimensional commercial block, the potential appreciation space in the future will certainly increase year by year. A double choice for living and investment.

  New Beacon [in the park] 154㎡ collection mansion, the whole city enlightens

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