Xinhua News Agency's first screen in Huangzhou helps Huangzhou Academy to bloom brightly


New Beacon Group


  Huangzhou Academy

  In June 2018, the first screen of Huangzhou Outdoor, affiliated to Xinhua News Agency, solemnly promoted the Huangzhou Academy project of New Beacon Group. Organic combination and resource sharing will jointly help the development of regional cities.

  New Beacon Group's Huangzhou Academy Project on the first screen in Huangzhou

  Xinhua News Agency is a national news media and the most influential mainstream media in China. As a promoter and practitioner of urban evolution and development, New Beacon Group has always adhered to the responsibility of modern life operation and service, and has been at the forefront of responding to urban development strategies with a unique vision of urban layout, and constantly created for urban development. Vibrant, modern living services are sought after in the region wherever they go.

  The construction of the Huangzhou Academy project has won the keen attention of local citizens and the strong support of Xinhua News Agency.