Able to become a teacher, achieve value


New Beacon Group


  Ancient scholars must have teachers.

  Teachers, so preaching and receiving karma to dispel doubts.

  Man is not born to know,

  Who can be puzzled?

  Confused but not taught,

  It is also confused,

  Never understand.

  In order to deeply tap high-potential talents, help employees to continuously improve their professional and technical level, accumulate and sublimate their professional quality, and effectively do a good job in the talent echelon training plan. After a long period of deliberation and preparation, New Beacon Property has selected a group of internal trainers who agree with the company's corporate culture and have professional standards after three months in combination with the current human resources development strategy. Kai's property service work is further moving towards a standardized, institutionalized and scientific track.

  On June 8, 2018, the opening ceremony of New Beacon Property's "First Phase Trainer Special Training Camp" was successfully held at New Beacon New Era Hotel in Wuhan!

  For this branch that debuted in a hundred flowers

  Of course we have the most beautiful posture

  Do not believe look here

  The opening ceremony of this camp has grown in size and is rich in content

  Not only the leaders of New Beacon Hotel Group came to bless

  It also brings together elites from all walks of life

  Add more style to the opening ceremony of the internal trainer!

  Speech by Mr. He Liang, Assistant General Manager of New Beacon Hotel Group

  Mr. Du Fangfu, General Manager of New Beacon Property, delivered a speech

  class schedule

  Instructor style

  The instructors who taught on the day were Mr. Zhang Fangming, Executive General Manager of Wuhan New Beacon Property Service Co., Ltd., Ms. Wei Na, Senior Manager of Jones Lang LaSalle Hubei Branch, and Mr. Wu Tonghuan, General Manager of Express Commercial Company.

  The training camp lasts for two months

  Let's wait and see what's next~