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New Beacon Hotel Group Zeng Qingshuang

In the Year of the Rooster in Renshen, the country is peaceful and peaceful.

The great river goes to the east and the waves are exhausted, and the Han River flows to the west to the love of yellow cranes.

In October of this year, the fragrance of red osmanthus, Xinyi Industrial, opened brightly.

In front of Dadongmen, there is a lot of traffic, and the gates are like a city, which is spectacular.

The Xinyi store is famous in Wuhan, and the beer city is well-known in all directions.

The opening game is outstanding.

If it doesn't make a sound, it's a blockbuster.

The blue thread of the road leads to the opening of the mountains and forests;

Twenty-five years ago, despite the wind and rain, forging ahead,

Difficulties and hardships, Yuru Yucheng.

Five major industries to build an unbounded living platform;

The city of lighthouses, connecting with virtual reality.

New Beacon Enterprise Group, a modern life operator;

China's well-known trademark, writing a magnificent epic.

Modern living, intelligent technology and harmony.

Every time Hanyang is open, the sun will shine, and DSM is proud of the battlefield.

Grand Road is on the lake side, and Ma'anshan victory is in sight.

Huangzhou Academy has a beautiful scenery, and the scholarly culture has continued to grow.

The hotel property is famous, and the warm home is peaceful and healthy;

Boutique business travel life, brand blossoms.

International hotel fashion king, Walden resplendent.

The New+ apartment has a responsibility, and there is such a beautiful city to ask the vastness;

Cultural and entertainment consumption life, leading the trend of the times.

The prospect of Jiuzhou is wonderful, and the king of Fangzhizhou returns.

Dulu animal cute art fan, Xingguan Sports is extraordinary;

Modern education life, elite education model.

The extraordinary star Wangsda, a flower of Chinese education.

Children training Tong Mengjun, laying a solid foundation;

Modern healthy life, create a healthy life.

We take care of our health and care, and combine the medical management of Yuanjingtang.

Cloud health and big data, build a core medical care valley;

Unbounded Life Beacon City, a new experience of business and entertainment interconnection.

The general trend of the world is vast, the fast is prosperous, and the slow is indifferent.

Adhering to the culture of "people-oriented, constantly surpassing";

Build the concept of "convergence and integration, honest cooperation".

Build a high-rise building, and work hard to develop an enterprise.

Do not forget the original intention, keep in mind the mission:

Based in Jingchu, radiating central China, and deploying nationwide,

Brand operation, diversified development.

Create green environmental protection and create a smart life.

Let the passion set sail and the dream fly.

Pioneering and innovating, forging ahead, wielding a sword, not breaking or standing.

The floating boat is full of the sun and the moon, and the Kunlun Mountains and rivers are immediately strong.

Meet New Beacon, success comes naturally.

Help the Chinese dream and create a new era!