Happy Mother's Day to all moms!


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  Mom, I love you!

  We grow up to work and earn money day by day, and my mother grows old to retire at home. The most common thing we hear is "You are busy with work, don't come back if you don't have time, my dad and I are all fine"

  You reply to your mother: I'm not busy, I'll go home when I'm free, and as soon as I turn around, I forgot what I promised my mother on the phone... [How many times have you said you'd go home when you're free, It's "nothing" anymore. 】

  But you don't realize that your mother has been doing her best to keep up with your footsteps and try to be as close to your life as possible, until you receive a message from your mother that looks a bit clumsy on WeChat... [Are you there? Just learned to send w WeChat, send it to you to try it out, mom. 】

  Mother's Day is coming soon. When you think about the past years, you have blown up the blessings in the circle of friends, and you have fallen into deep thinking... [Does your mother see your blessings in the circle of friends? 】

  So you decided to go back to see your mother and tell her that when you were going home, she was as happy as a child on the phone, but she didn't remember that the day you came home was Mother's Day... [Mom doesn't remember Mother's Day, only the day you want to go home. 】

  When I got home, I found that the rice was almost ready. Your favorite cola chicken wings, sweet and sour pork ribs, and garlic vermicelli shrimp were all on the table. She still felt that you were a gluttonous child just like when you were a child... [such as No matter who you are, at home, you are just your mother's child]

  After staying at home for two days, your mother started nagging you about your life events. After you escaped like a conditioned reflex, you forgot that you are an adult who should start a family and take on the responsibility of supporting your family... [Your mother forced you to go on a blind date Yet? Did you force your mother to spend money? 】

  Finally you said "Mom! Can you please leave me alone, it's so annoying!" and wanted to go back to where you were working and start over, but you forgot that she was also a mother for the first time, and everything, It was also the first time for her to do it... [Because of her unavoidable love, we didn't know how to restrain ourselves since we were young. 】

  Don't always say let time be kind to her

  All she needs is you.

  Say something to my mother: I am very happy because you are my mother, and I am very lucky because I am your child... [In the best time, my youth was rebellious, and I met your bad words]

  In the future, I will love you well.

  Happy Mother's Day to all moms!

  Happy Mothers' Day