Let us pay tribute to youth together - May 4th Youth Day


New Beacon Group


  Today is May Fourth Youth Day


  what a beautiful word

  what a melodious sound

  Let us wander freely in the ocean of youth

  Give full play to the light of youth

  Cherish the present

  work hard for the present

  To: you who are struggling

  When people are in a state of silent struggle, their thoughts will be sublimated from the trivialities of life.

  ——Lu Yao "Ordinary World"

  To: you who are full of confidence

  Confidence and hope are the privileges of youth.

  - Alexandre Dumas

  To: you who just entered the society

  There is never much right or wrong or truth in the whistling running and wandering in youth. The word "worth" can be light or heavy, and the measure is all in the heart.

  ——Yixin "I know you will shine in the end"

  To: You who fell into a trough

  The life of struggle makes you capable, and the torment of anguish makes you mellow; these are two magic weapons for the times to make young people capable of shouldering the historical mission.

  - Mao Dun

  The Communist Youth League said that under the age of 28 is called youth,

  According to the National Bureau of Statistics, people under the age of 34 are called youth.

  According to the United Nations, those under 45 are considered youth.

  WHO says that under 65 are young people.

  Believe that you are still young and young,

  Youth means abundant energy and infinite possibilities;

  Youth means no scruples, no fear, no compromise;

  The May Fourth Youth Day is coming,

  No matter how old you are,

  This can be your holiday.

  I wish you every moment,

  Can accept beauty, hope and courage,

  Always young and young!