Yuanjingtang丨2018 Kundalini Yoga International Parade Wuhan Station came to an end


New Beacon Group


  Teacher Gurubachan

  He is from the United States and is a world-renowned Kundalini yoga teacher. He has studied yoga for 35 years and has perfectly applied the wisdom of yoga to the learners' life practice.

  On May 1, 2018, the parade came to an end at the New Beacon New Era International Hotel in Wuhan. This stop also drew a successful conclusion to the 2018 Kundalini Yoga China Parade Wuhan Station. The 67-year-old teacher Gurubachan led everyone to rebuild the balance of the system and return to the infinite embrace of breathing. For everyone, this activity has touched many people's hearts, thereby opening the door to wisdom and happiness; it has allowed many people to clear up their past emotions, enhance their vitality, gain joy and energy, and further help everyone to move forward. A new journey to Xiu Xin!