Health, Talent, Bloom - New Beacon Management Team's Meditation Trip to Yuanjingtang



  New Beacon Management Team Meditation Tour

  beautiful scenery

  There are thousands of hearts, all living beings,

  Noisy surging, plundering the mind,

  In the warm spring of March, the managers of the New Beacon Group's financial, personnel and administrative systems set out for the Yuanjingtang Health Camp, a small town near Huanggang's legacy lake, to have a special meditation. Repair tour!

  huanggang legacy lake

  Set off


  Yuanjingtang Huazhong Health Plaza

  Yuanjingtang Health Camp is located in Huanggang, the hometown of "Medicine Sage" Li Shizhen. The overall furnishings are exquisite and elegant, allowing people to enjoy a unique quality when they are in it.

  Yuanjingtang Health Camp Lobby

  Near noon, the troop has been assembled. Yuanjingtang Health Camp has prepared a nutritious organic health meal for everyone, with bright colors, pleasant taste, delicious and healthy!

  Organic Healthy Lunch

  Kundalini Kundalini

  After eating Chinese food and taking a simple nap, we entered the first day of kundalini kundalini yoga study.

  (Kundalini, Kundalini) This style of yoga has many breath control, chanting and meditation, its purpose is to awaken the energy hidden at the bottom of the spine, increase the inner capacity of the human body, and allow people to calmly face the pressures of life , to help us clear negative information and gain inner purification and nourishment of body and mind.

  Energy Exercises for Balancing the Spine

  Aiming at the occupational diseases of white-collar workers who have been sitting at their desks for a long time, the focus is on the relationship between stress and diseases of the lumbar and cervical vertebrae.

  Sing the "Song of Victory"

  Eight small steps to success - set goals, make plans, act like a lion, reflect after setbacks, move on after adjustment, achieve success, sum up experience, be grateful for everything.

  fruit afternoon tea

  After meditation and yoga, all kinds of delicious and fresh fruits will replenish energy and prepare for the next activities in a better state.

  Brain wave detection

  Brain wave detection, divided into four groups according to brain color.

  Blue Brain (Consciousness)---Creativity is infinite, ignoring the body.

  Orange brain (body) --- strong execution, limited consciousness.

  Yellow brain (brain power) --- control the overall situation and suppress emotions.

  Green brain (emotion) --- pay attention to details, wrong yourself.

  Moxibustion and shoulder and neck massage

  Yuanjingtang uses the secret collection techniques of the palace, according to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine and Taoist secrets, and adopts unique massage techniques to open up the eight extraordinary meridians of the human body, the twelve serious meridians, and even the twelve meridians that are separate from the twelve serious meridians. Thereby, the meridian running system of this pool of stagnant water is alive, each going its own way, soft and smooth, eliminating people's fatigue, pain, insomnia and other discomforts.

  Buffet Vitality Dinner

  Yuanjingtang Health Camp’s dinner is porridge with nuts and organic whole grains.

  A variety of fruits, nuts, yogurt, basil oil, enzymes, honey, milk, juice, and health tea are made into cold food tables, which ladies love to eat!

  The routine of the health camp is to go to sleep at 9:00 pm and get up at 6:00 am.

  You heard it right, go to bed at 9pm! ! !

  I haven't experienced such a healthy routine in years!

  Put down your phone, let go of everything, and sleep peacefully~~~

  On the second day, continue the meditation journey

  Self-service organic diet breakfast

  A nutritious breakfast provides a solid foundation for everyone to start the day.

  flower-arranging flower arrangement

  In the early morning, it is not the alarm clock that wakes me up, but the fragrance of flowers. Walking into the Zen room, the fragrance of flowers is fragrant, the pink flowers are scattered, and the beautiful women play the qin and make tea. This scene reminds me of Li Bai's poem: The cloud thinks of clothes and flowers, and the spring breeze supports Revlon on the threshold.

  Learn Zen Flower Arrangement Etiquette

  Zen flower arrangement is different from the fullness and richness of Western flower arrangement

  What is important is that Shu Lang leaves blank

  So when the flower branches slanted out, twisted and twisted

  Zen is brewed in the simplest flowers

  Light and light is originally quiet

  Contemplation, listening, with the air, colorless and odorless, more charming than wine, more fragrant than flowers

  Life itself is a journey

  This meditation trip allowed us to explore and experience the deep spiritual world of human beings in the spare time of busy work. We are grateful to meet you in the palace of art and science of Kundalini Yoga and meet the real self. Let's explore together how to maintain norms in an irregular world, how to grow, and how to live. In the limited world, we can live out the infinite possibilities together, and live out the health, happiness, holiness and beauty.