New Beacon deploys four new products in Hanyang, Hancity Fangzhizhou introduces Metro's first new concept store in Central China



  On December 20, 2017, the main store of Han City Fangzhizhou Life Center Metro opened grandly. Han City Fangzhizhou is the first community commercial project in the entertainment and consumer life section of the New Beacon Group. The project is located in Fangcao Road and Sixin Road in Hanyang. New North Road Interchange.

  ↑The opening ribbon-cutting ceremony of Metro Wuhan Hanyang Mall.

  Mr. Zeng Guilin, Chairman of New Beacon Group, and Mr. Xi Long, President of Metro China, attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches. As one of the sub-centers of Wuhan city, the Four New Areas of Wuhan Hanyang have received many planning blessings, and the urban living functions of the Four New Districts have been greatly improved. In order to better serve the community residents, New Beacon Group's first community commercial brand "Fangzhizhou" in the entertainment and consumer life came into being. According to reports, the location in Fangzhizhou, Han City is Metro's first new concept store in Central China.

  ↑On the opening day, senior management of New Beacon Group and leaders of Metro China inspected the new store.

  Since its establishment, New Beacon Group has always been a modern life operator, and has devoted itself to the development of residential life (real estate development), entertainment and consumer life (commercial operation), boutique business travel life (hotel operation), and modern educational life (educational service). , Modern healthy life (health management) five major life industries and unbounded life platforms, focusing on modern life operations and making outstanding contributions to improving the quality of urban life.

  ↑The wave of citizens who came to Metro's new concept store to shop on the opening day.

  As we all know, Metro Group's cash and carry is one of the most successful formats in the modern business field. Metro China is the only wholesale and retail enterprise in China that has passed HACCP (a system for identifying, evaluating and controlling hazards that are critical to food safety) in all its stores.

  ↑ On the opening day, citizens rushed to buy fresh food.

  New Beacon Group and Metro China conducted multiple rounds of communication and negotiation, and finally successfully introduced the first new concept store in central China into the four new areas. As the main store of Fangzhizhou in Han City, Metro covers an area of ​​nearly 5,000 square meters and provides nearly 20,000 kinds of products, including more than 4,000 kinds of imported products from Europe, the United States, Japan and South Korea, and more than 3,800 kinds of Metro's own brand products. Constantly adding new imported goods.

  ↑The Han city Fangzhizhou introduced Metro.

  The New Beacon Han City Fangzhizhou project has received strong support from governments at all levels, including Wuhan Municipal Government, Hanyang District Government, and Sixin Street. Han City Fangzhizhou Commercial Complex is near the Sixin Avenue Station of Metro Line 3, covering an area of ​​about 70,000 square meters. It adopts block-style and single-family building forms, bringing together fresh supermarkets, star-rated cinemas, theme-style children's worlds, Interactive entertainment, catering, and community life services such as convenience stores, laundry, and banks.

  ↑The location of Fangzhizhou in Han city.

  At the beginning of 2018, Han City Fangzhizhou will also enter the first five-star cinema in the Four New Areas - New Beacon Universal Studios, which has 8 cinema halls with about 1,800 seats and a 24-meter super-large double giant screen. Hall and uniquely designed VVIP hall will provide a full range of viewing enjoyment.