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  April 5, 2018

  20th of the second month of the lunar calendar


  Tomb-sweeping season rains


  Qingming, one of the twenty-four solar terms, means clean and bright. The Qingming Festival, also known as the Outing Festival, is one of the traditional Chinese festivals and one of the most important sacrificial festivals in China. It is the day for ancestor worship and tomb sweeping. The traditional Qingming Festival of the Chinese Han nationality began around the Zhou Dynasty and has a history of more than 2,500 years.

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  The history of Qingming Festival

  It is written in "Hundred Questions at the Time of the Year": "When everything grows, it is clean and bright, so it is called Qingming." The Qingming season, when the weather is refreshing and the rain increases, is a good season for farming in ancient China's farming society. Therefore, Qingming was originally a farming festival, and there was no habit of sweeping graves. The formation of this custom is related to the Cold Food Festival, which prohibits fire and eats cold.

  According to legend, during the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, Chong'er, Duke Wen of Jin, fainted from starvation during an exile, and his loyal minister Jie Zitui cut off the meat from his legs for him to eat, which moved Chong'er very much. Later, when Chong'er became the monarch and rewarded the ministers, he only forgot about Jie Zitui. When someone mentioned it to him, he sent someone to invite Jie Zitui. But Jie Zitui saw that Chong'er was surrounded by villains, so he hid in the mountains behind his mother's back. In order to let Jie Zitui go down the mountain, Chong'er ordered the mountain to be burned, but Jie Zitui did not come down until the end. When the fire was out, people went up the mountain to see Jie Zitui and his mother and son being burned to death beside a willow tree. The lord is always clear." Chong'er was very sad, and ordered that every time Jie Zitui died, the whole country should smoke out fires and eat cold food as a commemoration. In the second year, Duke Wen of Jin led his ministers to climb a mountain to pay homage and found the old willow tree dead and resurrected.

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  Qingming customs

  In addition to prohibiting fire and sweeping graves, the customs of Qingming Festival also include a series of custom sports activities such as outing, kite flying, swinging, Cuju, polo, willow insertion, and willow shooting. According to legend, this is because cold food and fire are forbidden during the Cold Food Festival. In order to prevent cold food from hurting the body, everyone comes to participate in some sports activities to exercise.

  Shepherd boy pointing at Xinghua Village


  cold food

  Spring City is full of flying flowers, cold food, east wind and willow slanting. At sunset, the Han Palace passed candles, and the light smoke scattered into the Wuhou's house.

  seasonal food

  Qingtuan - a dumpling made from brome grass or green wormwood, squeezed out of juice, mixed with glutinous rice flour for dyeing, and then filled with fine sugar bean paste or vegetable meat, sesame seeds, etc.

  Naanzi - made by frying oil and water noodles, it is crispy and delicious when eaten dry, or can be soaked in boiling water, milk, soy milk, etc.

  Zitui bun - the fermented white noodles are kneaded into various shapes such as tiger, swallow, insect, snake, rabbit or the four treasures of the study, with eggs or red dates inside.

  Black rice - glutinous rice is mixed with some japonica rice, and the rice grains are soaked in black rice juice to become black and purple. After cooking, they are fragrant and delicious.

  Snails - snails are the most plump in the Qingming season, so there is a saying that "the snails in Qingming are equal to a goose".


  Qingming is the event

  The emperor is clear and bright, and people's hearts are sad. The sound of the car hit the road, and the willows were green in the east. Flowers and grasses grow together, and birds and butterflies play a double show. Sitting in the empty hall and remembering each other, drinking tea and chatting instead of getting drunk.

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