Academy Cultural Garden



  A series of garden elements, such as wall, bamboo forest, pine sea, willow pond, etc., are set off against the terrain. Pastoral gardens, courtyards, water, stones, and terrain are mutually covering each other, and each holds the terrain! As far as the eye can see, the scenery is connected and the pictures are drawn.

  The living landscape space is also exposed between the visible and the invisible. Different techniques are integrated into contemporary gardening. The undulating landscape belt in the garden design, accompanied by the ups and downs of the water system, produces the artistic conception of "deep courtyard".

  Huanggang Celebrity China Seal is an open theme park based on natural landscape gardens and the spirit of academy culture and learning, leaving a living natural and cultural heritage for Huanggang citizens and future generations.

  The garden is an important part of the elegant and refined academy life, and the urban mountain forest is the spatial image pursued by the landscape design of the Huangzhou Academy. Set up garden sketches for the life elements of the gentry, such as monuments, calligraphy and painting, drinking, talking, receiving blessings, and nourishing qi. It is the so-called "living, cultivating and reading, self-cultivation, reverie, viewing, browsing, pleasing, and chanting". The scenes are plain, idyllic, and zen. It is a stone, a tree, a water, or even a grass and a tree, which makes all the sights invisible. Through planning and construction, a high-quality city hides a theme cultural park that integrates natural sightseeing, academy culture and popular science education, creating pavilions and pavilions, changing scenery every step of the way, and seeing everywhere, enjoying, learning, and thinking. It becomes an ideal resort for leisure, recreation, viewing, education and lectures. He shaped the urban culture of Huanggang and created another grand scene after Huanggang's Legacy Lake Park.