New Beacon [In the Park] Allure opened for the first time, perfectly sold out!



The heavy snow has just passed, and the temperature in Jiangcheng has dropped to zero.

However, the low temperature could not stop the fiery mood of home buyers.

On December 10th, we ushered in the grand opening of Building No. 3 [in the park].

In the second ring road, about 109-144 square meters of double subway mansion, stunning appearance!

This high-quality and good house stands in the second ring road.

It attracted a large number of home buyers and became a fire that ignited Jiangcheng.

The whole city competes for Tibet, another boom

On the opening day, the grand occasion was unprecedented, and thousands of customers came here.

The opening scene was very popular, and the sign-in area was already lined up.

At 9:30 in the morning, the lottery officially started.

The house robbery war has officially kicked off.

There was a tense atmosphere in the electoral district.

Everyone held their breath, widened their eyes, and kept their eyes on the property,

The time is short and the housing stock is limited. Once selected, get it immediately!

Less than 2 hours after the opening, hundreds of houses were sold out!

Maybe you only knew the spike on Taobao before,

But New Beacon [In the Park] did put on a second room show on the opening day.

New Beacon [In the Park] has a great opening and is highly sought after,

On the one hand, it stems from its extraordinary housing quality.

On the other hand, it stems from the high recognition of the value of the project by the buyers.

With the perfect sale of Building No. 3 in the Park,

Building 1 is also poised to launch, and start to push,

Value "top row", superior!

The first row of the city: the city is busy and the value can be expected

New Beacon [In the Park] is the only high-end project for sale on Hanyang Avenue.

Located in the second ring road, in the core business district of Wangjiawan,

Occupy the two main roads - the intersection of Hanyang Avenue and Heshan Road,

Near Ocean Department Store, Moore City, Renxinhui, Haitian Happy Shopping, 21st Century Shopping Center, etc.

Rich resources and perfect supporting facilities have achieved unmatched value.

The first row of the subway: double-track cover, hub intersection

Compared with ordinary houses, the real estate along the subway line,

It is more convenient to go out, the appreciation potential is greater, and the appreciation speed is faster.

New Beacon [Park Lane] Building 1 is adjacent to the subway station,

Double subway superstructure - Shilipu Station of Metro Line 4 and Line 12,

Double subway properties have stronger value preservation and higher room for value appreciation.

The first row of the park: rare resources, natural environment

We can't change the haze weather, but we can choose to be close to nature,

[In the park] Building 1 occupies the first row of the park, and the first line is close to the natural scenery.

The 13,000-square-meter municipal park is close to the size of two international standard football fields.

Bring rich experiences such as children's play, family leisure, art ecology, etc.

Abundant negative oxygen ions, always bring health and freshness.

Commercial first row: parent-child shopping street, a wonderful gathering

[In the park] Build a block block of 67,000 square meters,

The whole family life experience center realizes a happy parent-child time together.

Large boutique supermarket, children's professional reading room, children's adventure development park, on-demand family theater,

Children's professional theater, children's professional training, children's leisure square, etc.

Bring a new lifestyle upgrade.

New Beacon [in the park] about 99-151㎡ double subway mansion,

The new product of Building 1 is launched, and it is grandly launched!