Opening Second Light | New Beacon [In the Park] once again created a new legend of Second Light!



▲At 6 o'clock in the morning, the opening scene was full

▲The battle for the house is about to start, and the scene is ready to go!

▲New Beacon staff has started the assembly mode!

▲ At 9:30 in the morning, the lottery officially started, the scene was crowded with people, it was spectacular!

▲ As soon as the scramble started, the scene of thousands of people was boiling!

▲ Less than 2 hours after the opening, hundreds of houses were sold out!

Yes, you read that right, it's really sold out!
In less than 2 hours after the opening, hundreds of houses were sold out!
This is the legend created by New Beacon [In the Park]!

Behind the highly sought after is its unparalleled superior value. New Beacon International Community of One Million Square, builds five characteristic functional residential areas of education/fashion/entrepreneurship/technology/health, and enjoys 100 billion supporting facilities. The owner exclusively enjoys the dual-student status of No. 3 Middle School/Wangsida, education/entrepreneurship and innovation fund, Phoenix Lake/Ink Lake double lake view; the community has its own 150,000-square-meter commercial street - Yuehui Avenue; equipped with exclusive health butler - Yuanjingtang , comprehensive care of the owner's health.