[Benefits included] Blissful! Crazy call for my big Hanyang Sixin~!



  Where there are people, there are rivers and lakes,

  Where there are rivers and lakes, there is fighting (bi) striving (shi),

  The most frequently debated topic is

  "Who is Wuhan's (carry) middle (tyrant) heart (child)" in the three towns of Wuhan

  It's Wuli Hanyang! ! !

  The people who eat melon are ready to watch on the small bench!

  In the next five years, Hanyang's GDP will exceed 130 billion!

  As an urban area supported by the Wuhan Municipal Government, Hanyang's production value will double in the next five years, and the total value will exceed 130 billion yuan. "One city, two belts, three districts" spatial pattern, each area has a clear positioning! In addition to the already opened Line 3, Line 4, and Line 6, 6 more subway lines will be opened within 5 years, running into the era of subway network.

  "Thirteenth Five-Year" key goals

  National Expo, Central China Convention and Exhibition Center, Consulate Foreign Affairs and Business Activity Center and many other international models will be completed one after another. Going out in the future will be super international~

  The last treasure land in the ring line that major real estate companies are competing for

  Four new Hanyang, eye-catching development, full of stamina! By 2020, 38 new roads will be built, the roads will be smooth, and the whole of Wuhan will be the most sound. The newly added park covers an area of ​​94.19 hectares, equivalent to 130 standard football fields, and the greening rate has exceeded 40%.

  With the construction of "Fang Dao", a green island in the center of the city where culture and art are integrated, and the completion of Ink Lake Park, Sixin will continue to achieve new heights of ecological livability in the future!

  It's no wonder that friends with good eyesight come to Sixin to buy houses and shops.

  Living here, driving without traffic jams, without worrying about parking, there is a lake and a park downstairs, and all the big stars of the concert come to the door. Sure enough, it is the new residential city of Wuhan NO.1!

  Han city Fangzhizhou Life Center

  Address: No. 97, Fangcao Road, Hanyang District, Wuhan (intersection of Fangcao Road and Sixin North Road, next to Hancity International Community)

  Transportation: Near Metro Line 3 Sixin Avenue Station

  Details: The building area is about 80,000 square meters. It adopts block-style and single-family building forms, and brings together fresh food supermarkets, children's education, star theaters, interactive entertainment and other formats. With the tenet of "living the neighborhood, blooming happiness", it provides a rich and diverse living space for the residents of the surrounding community.

  Main store: Metro

  Here is Metro's first community store in Central China,

  It is also the first in Hanyang, and the convenience of the neighborhood is the biggest feature.

  As a world-renowned cash and carry mall,

  Metro has always been known for its variety, high quality and high cost performance.

  Compared to other trade retailers,

  Metro has higher expertise in fresh food.

  On December 20, Fangzhizhou Metro Mall will be grandly opened!

  Four new residents can later be able to

  You can buy the freshest and most delicious imported food in the world at a low price!

  Main store: New Beacon Universal Studios

  The first theater built by the New Beacon Group, with an area of ​​nearly 7,000 square meters, has 8 theaters and about 1,800 seats.

  From projection and audio equipment to screens and seats, all the latest equipment at home and abroad are used, with double giant screen hall configuration, 24-meter super large screen NEC laser digital projector imported from Japan, the perfect combination of extreme color, high uniformity, clarity and brightness , Dolby Atmos sound brings immersive audio-visual effects. Don't miss the uniquely designed VIP room and couple's room, um, what, little couples, you can come and experience it soon.

  Welfare is here

  The first time we meet, the benefits are offered!

  We will be giving away a single Metro shopping coupon worth 50 yuan, a total of 20!

  This shopping voucher is equivalent to cash and can be consumed without threshold.

  Metro is available on the day it opens!

  rule of activity:

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  2. Deadline for collecting likes: 14:00 on December 13, 2017.

  3. Prize redemption: Please reply to Metro shopping coupons through the WeChat public account dialog box, and send a screenshot of the collection of likes. Follow the editor's prompt to reply to your name and phone, and you will have the opportunity to get shopping coupons.

  4. Statement: The number of shopping vouchers is limited, and each person is limited to one. First come, first served, while stocks last. Winners will be announced in the next issue!

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