Finally waiting for you, Piglet Luo Zhixiang & Taiwan LERMACE - Charm



  "Asian all-round pop king" Luo Zhixiang (Little Pig) released his 11th solo album "Reality Show?" at the end of last year, and the sales performance was booming. The ratings of the TV show "Extreme Challenge" continued to break through, and the movie "Mermaid" became a Chinese film. The best-selling record, so take advantage of the situation to hold the "CrazyWorld" world tour concert, this time Wuhan is finally waiting for your arrival!

  At 19:30 on December 3, 2017, New Beacon Group·Luo Zhixiang 2017 Crazy World Tour Concert was staged in Wuhan Sports Center Gymnasium!

  The audience cheered, and a crazy visual feast exclusively for fans turned the entire venue. With superb dancing skills and moving singing, combined with high-tech equipment and cool stage effects, the fans at the concert kept cheering, and the Asian Dance King is well-deserved!

  The whole concert lasted for more than two hours, and 20 songs were continuously presented to the fans under the stage. The audience was hooked. The concert was mainly crazy, but it also brought a lot of warm songs, such as "Gray Space", "Love". When songs such as "Corner" came out, they brought the fans back to their deep memories.

  Taiwan LERMACE, Meizi, is a professional medical-grade skin care product. Through more than ten years of cooperation with international professional R&D teams, using a number of international patented technologies, and selecting imported raw materials from Europe, we are committed to creating natural, non-toxic, zero-flavor, healthy products. Professional skin care products. Now it is cooperating with New Beacon Group to bring medical, technological and natural high-quality skin care products to the mainland market.

  Taiwan's LERMACE, Meizi, became the sponsor of the Wuhan Station of "Luo Zhixiang 2017 Crazy World Tour Concert" hosted and titled by New Beacon Group, and provided exquisite medical-grade skin care gifts to the guests.

  Mr. Tan Xiaoguang and Mr. Luo Zhixiang

  Mr. Tan Xiaoguang, the vice president of New Beacon Group and the executive director of Miz Hepburn (Wuhan) Technology Co., Ltd., fully supported the work of Luo Zhixiang's concert.

  Taiwan LERMACE - Meizi, the founders of the brand, Ms. Jenny and Mr. Luo Zhixiang

  Taiwan LERMACE - Meizi, the brand team Mr. Zhou Jianhua, Ms. Yan Jingyao, Ms. Jenny and Mr. Luo Zhixiang

  The cultural company of New Beacon Group - Huakai Tiandi, the organizer of Luo Zhixiang's concert

  Taiwan LERMACE - Meizi, employees of Wuhan company like family members. Mr. Liu Jun, the executive general manager, and Ms. Zou Min, the deputy general manager, led the small partners to create a team with professionalism and high-quality service. Provide high-quality, cost-effective medical-grade skin care products with free pre-sale experience and after-sale caring service for Wuhan consumers.

  Wuhan's first Taiwan LERMACE - Meizi, the physical store will be opened on December 20 in the Metro Outer Hall of Fangzhizhou Life Center, New Beacon Han city! The flyer obtained at the concert site can go to the store to receive a free mask worth 40 yuan and a free skin care once. Friends who are lucky enough to grab 500 vouchers should not forget to receive a skin care gift box worth 1390 yuan for free. Again, it is free to receive. Don't miss the time, from December 20, 2017 to January 31, 2018.

  Try me, love me. Please look forward to the grand opening of Taiwan's LERMACE - Meizi, the physical store, there will be more surprises on the opening day!

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