The First Fun Games of New Beacon Yidu International Hotel



  just yesterday

  The two-day sports meeting was successfully concluded

  The sound of refueling is still ringing in my ears now

  The First Fun Games of New Beacon Yidu International Hotel

  it has started

  The executive chairman of the hotel, Mr. Chang, came to participate in our simple opening ceremony

  Hotel shareholder Mr. Chen gave our opening speech

  The general manager of the hotel, Mr. Wang, announced the opening of our sports meeting and read out the activity plan of the sports meeting.

  With a round of applause we started our first activity:

  basketball game. There was no practice in the game, and even some teammates cooperated for the first time, but everyone was very serious and happy, and the game was very intense.

  The handsome guys from our front office sailing team have won the championship with a score of 36:14.

  The second competition: together (3 people and 4 feet)

  After a short 2-minute practice before the competition, our competition started. Two women and one man from the finance department won the championship.

  The third competition: it is our full rope skipping competition, the one with the most jumps in 2 minutes is our champion

  Our handsome guy is cute, isn't it?

  We have a strong fighting spirit and are not convinced by the rope skipping competition, so we upgraded our rope skipping competition to the "Disobedience Challenge" and continued to challenge the next day.

  In the end, everyone ended successfully with satisfied prizes and laughter

  They are choosing their opponents to fight next time.

  Our purpose is to enrich the life of hotel staff, enhance team cohesion, and promote communication between departments

  Our requirements are friendship first and competition second. All departments focus on participation, so that employees can experience the fun of sports and a healthy life through laughter and laughter.

  Although this competition is our first sports meeting, although the preparations were rushed and the project was simple, every department actively cooperated and every employee actively participated. Your spirit of anticipation.