Staff Original | "City of Lighthouses" Catering Themed Table Setting Notes



  On November 13, 2017, the group company organized an employee service skills competition. I was fortunate to be a contestant in the Chinese food banquet stage of Jinyinhu store. A total of 12 contestants from my brother store had a skill PK and won the second place in the competition. other prizes.

  I was very excited and happy when I heard the results of the competition. I am grateful to the hotel leaders and colleagues for their support, help and encouragement. They gave me a stage to shine!


  After going through the whole process of the competition, there are many tangible feelings in my heart:

  Just walked out of the school gate,

  I changed from an intern to a full-time hotel employee,

  When I saw the personnel department and on-site colleagues shouting for our contestants in the audience,

  I was shocked, what a powerful force,

  Reminds me of the days when I was united and loving with my classmates in college.


  Only after participating in the training did you know that there are international standards for setting the table and laying the tablecloth.

  And there are strict scoring rules,

  For my "noob",

  This is a difficult task.

  But throughout the race preparation and training process,

  The manager is always with you,

  Patiently explain the essentials of operation,

  Tell me the distance between the bone saucers, bowls, chopsticks, chopstick rests, wine glasses, water glasses and how to place them, etc.

  Let me practice repeatedly and slowly find the feeling.


  After each practice, the manager will give us a review,

  Patient correction, let me benefit a lot from it.

  In them I see the spirit of the New Beacon,

  like a lighthouse,

  Illuminate and guide me step by step.

  Follow the light of the lighthouse,

  With great confidence,

  Even if work is tiring,

  Even if you wake up early for work,

  I want to try my best,

  Win honors for the hotel.

  Due to the close time of the game,

  We often use our off-hours to practice,

  The action of laying the tablecloth is not smooth,

  keep practicing,

  The arm hurts so much.

  But in order to achieve the desired result,

  It continued the next day,

  The third day, the fourth day... until the tablecloth can be laid in place at one time.


  Before preparing for the game,

  The personnel department also acts as our makeup artist,

  After putting on the cheongsam, the self is instantly radiant!

  The colleague who helped us move the game items said

  "Today you are in charge of beauty, we will do this kind of rough work!"

  In a simple sentence,

  in cold weather,

  But it brings a burst of warmth...

  My stage theme "City of Lighthouses",

  On the New Beacon badge stands a radiant lighthouse,

  It means that the sailing ship guides the way forward,

  Find a harbor for guests to live in,

  I also hope that in this way,

  To further show the spirit of New Beacon.


  When it was my turn to play,

  The manager told me:

  "Don't be nervous, treat it normally,

  Today we are not comparing the stage but the mentality. "

  I calmed down when I was nervous.

  With soothing background music,

  With a smile on my face and walking on high heels,

  Entered the game in an orderly manner.

  After the table setting is completed,

  We waited for the judges to score according to the standard posture,

  After grading,

  Need to explain the theme of the placement,

  I don't speak standard Mandarin,

  a little nervous,

  Fortunately, we practiced in advance,

  and fully prepared,

  Complete the explanation confidently and satisfactorily.


  Through this competition,

  I also gained something of my own from it

  - Confidence and the courage to persevere and never give up.

  I am very proud to have participated in this competition,

  Proud to be part of New Beacon!