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  Yuanjingtang Health Management Co., Ltd., in order to promote, inherit and innovate the traditional Chinese medicine culture, let modern people better understand the traditional treatment methods of the motherland and the profound health preservation, draw on the essence of the ancients, and give full play to the traditional Chinese medicine "preventive treatment" and prevention. The concept of health focuses on the resources of famous doctors in various regions, and solidifies them, deepens cooperation between all parties, and improves service efficiency. The "Yuanjingtang Famous Doctors Studio" has been established to continue to promote the construction of local specialties and the overall development of medical academics, better , More professionally serve more patients.

  The famous doctor studio mainly focuses on health management, expert outpatient service, and medical consultation services. Most of the doctors here are experts and professors from 3A hospitals. It is hard to find number one in the hospital, but the famous doctor studio can make an appointment to invite them to escort the health of you and your family.

  Adhering to the essence of traditional Chinese medicine for 5,000 years, following the changing laws of the biochemical collection of yin and yang and the five elements, it uses the characteristic dual-therapy intervention method of "internal therapy + external therapy" in traditional Chinese medicine for treatment, prevention, health preservation and conditioning. , moxibustion, medicine, acupuncture, and guiding six major techniques, integrated with modern rehabilitation physiotherapy equipment, to achieve the purpose of treatment, prevention, rehabilitation and health preservation, and do everything possible to achieve the health mission of "escort your health!"

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