New Year's Message from Zeng Guilin, Chairman of New Beacon Group - Selecting industries, innovating management, optimizing systems, eliminating redundant staff, and rewarding hard work



new year message

  2017 is a year of bold exploration in the development of New Beacon Group. We firmly adhere to the mission and development vision of "modern life operator", take real estate development as a platform, focus on "hotel management, health management, education services, business operations, book culture, small town technology, film and television, children's entertainment, skin care products sales. ” and other business development, innovation and integration, to create a series of business, travel and cultural products and projects with multiple formats and distinct themes, and to establish a complete modern life service ecosystem, which has opened the group’s bold attempt to initially transform its strategy.

  ——In addition to continuing to do a good job of existing projects in real estate development, actively explore the extension of upstream and downstream industries, and start to develop, research and integrate the development direction and project reserve of commercial industrial real estate. The newly launched Han City International Community and Wangjiawan Park continued to maintain the sales performance of "Daily Disc"; the Huanggang Academy project was successfully launched; Caidian Space Entertainment City Project, Shanghai Cultural Tourism Real Estate Project, Liangzihu Characteristic Town and other projects are all on schedule During the progress, the Group continued to maintain the annual list of the top 100 national real estate companies.

  ——Wangstar Education Co., Ltd. is developing rapidly. There are 36 kindergartens, 20 art schools and 2 training camps in operation and about to open, with more than 8,000 students.

  ——As the carrier of China's well-known trademarks, the hotel group exerts its comparative advantages and brand influence in the fierce market environment. The number of hotels has increased rapidly, with 18 new hotels added each year, and the number of hotel brands increased to 5.

  ——The health management company actively explores business models and business models, and has initially operated 3 outpatient departments, 1 general hospital and 2 health management centers.

  ——Commercial companies have experienced the challenge of running in multiple teams. The first phase of Fangzhizhou Life Center in Han City has opened a wonderful street.

  ——Completely launched the research and development, preparation and trial operation of innovative formats such as New Beacon Film and Television, City of Lighthouse members, book culture projects, Meizi skin care products, children's entertainment, etc., which will greatly enhance the richness of the group's business formats degree and competitiveness.

  These achievements cannot be achieved without every one of us at New Beacon here. Here, on behalf of the board of directors and management of the Group, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all colleagues who have contributed wisdom and sweat to New Beacon! I would also like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the partners and teams who have supported New Beacon!

  Looking forward to the future and the new year, in the face of the country's continuous economic policy orientation of "adjusting structure and reducing production capacity" and changes in the consumer market, the Group must comply with these policies and changes in the market. The sorting and optimization of the medium-term strategic development target planning and the development review work in recent years, combined with external policies, changes in the market and the actual situation within the group, the decision-making level of the group decided: 2018 will be the year of optimization of the group's operation and management, and will follow the "fine" The overall guiding ideology of selecting industries, innovating management, optimizing the system, eliminating redundant staff, and rewarding hard work”, after a period of hard work, has transformed the current situation of the group from “big but not strong” to “strong and big”.

  ——Selected industries: The group should select industries, focusing on developing industries that conform to national policies, elements of emerging industries, and market needs and the actual situation of the group, so as to do something or refrain from doing something, and maintain industry development choices. strategic determination;

  ——Innovative management: instead of developing another set of management methods, on the basis of the original, introduce the management concepts, management methods and technologies of new industries to improve and upgrade;

  ——Optimize the system: each industry must have a clear business model, quantitative market prospects, and effective incentive mechanisms, especially diversified entrepreneurial incentive mechanisms such as joint stock, contracting, and options, which must be widely used in various industries;

  ——Removal of redundant employees: It is not to reduce employees, but to eliminate people who have no consensus on career development, who are not good at business and only talk things up. The purpose is to change our work style. All employees who are changing posts during the transformation are not laid off, all of them are properly arranged, and employees are actively encouraged to start their own businesses;

  ——Rewarding hard work: empty talk will mislead the country, and industry will prosper the country. It is necessary to establish an atmosphere of paying attention to hard work, practice internal skills hard, do a good job in management, pay attention to performance and results, establish a result-oriented corporate culture, and reward employees who have achieved excellent performance.

  Leading cadres and employees at all levels must focus on the overall strategy of the group's modern life operator, and in accordance with the overall guiding ideology of the 2018 group's operation and management optimization year, fully devote themselves to their work, continue to carry forward the entrepreneurial spirit, and make concerted efforts to make the group The idea of ​​optimizing development is implemented into specific work, forming specific optimization goals and action plans, and implementing them quickly. The Group will fully implement various forms of partnership systems, so that talent teams at all levels and the Group can develop together, advance and retreat together, and share development results together.

  Looking forward to the future and the new year, the Group's career is full of hope and future, and we are full of confidence in this. Let us embrace the trend of the times and market changes, strengthen the new goals of the Group and each sector, seek development in the process of reform, continue to innovate in the process of development, and constantly create new brilliance in New Beacon in the process of innovation!