New Era, New Action, New Glory | New Beacon Group's 2017 Summary Commendation and 2018 Chinese New Year Gala was successfully held


New Beacon Group


  -Venue silhouette-


  The annual meeting officially kicked off at 13:30, and a lineup of four hosts made up of representatives of New Beacon employees made a stunning appearance.

  -Mr. Zeng Guilin, Chairman of the Board, delivered a New Year's speech-

  Mr. Zeng Guilin, Chairman of New Beacon Group, delivered a warm New Year's speech, fully affirming the achievements of the past year, and expressing his gratitude to everyone for their hard work for the development of New Beacon's various undertakings. New year wishes and blessings.

  -The scene of New Beacon Group's Spring Festival Gala-

  2017 is a year of bold exploration in the development of New Beacon Group. We firmly adhere to the mission and development vision of "modern life operator", take real estate development as a platform, focus on "hotel management, health management, education services, business operations, book culture, small town technology, film and television, children's entertainment, skin care products sales. ” and other business development, innovation and integration, to create a series of business, travel and cultural products and projects with multiple formats and distinct themes, and to establish a complete modern life service ecosystem, which has opened the group’s bold attempt to initially transform its strategy.

  Looking forward to the future and the new year, in the face of the country's continuous economic policy orientation of "adjusting structure and reducing production capacity" and changes in the consumer market, the Group must comply with these policies and changes in the market. The sorting and optimization of the medium-term strategic development target planning and the development review work in recent years, combined with external policies, changes in the market and the actual situation within the group, the decision-making level of the group decided: 2018 will be the year of optimization of the group's operation and management, and will follow the "fine" The overall guiding ideology of selecting industries, innovating management, optimizing the system, eliminating redundant staff, and rewarding hard work”, after a period of hard work, has transformed the current situation of the group from “big but not strong” to “strong and big”.

  On the occasion of the arrival of the Chinese New Year, Mr. Zeng also expressed his wishes for the New Year. He hoped that everyone will have a clear goal, not be afraid of difficulties, persevere, and achieve better results!

  - Best Sales Performance Award -

  -- Lu Yaling, Executive General Manager of Optics Valley International Hotel, Hotel Group

  -Best Dedication Award, Best Project Management Award-

  -- Zhao Yan, Director of the Planning Department of Hanyang Project Company

  -Best Development and Development Award, Best Innovation Proposal Award, Growth Award (Rising Star/New Talent)-

  -- Peng Xin, Director of the Academic Affairs Department of Wangsda Education Co., Ltd.

  - Best Management Award -

  - Excellent Team Award -

  -The opening dance "Blooming Flowers" brought by the hotel group Luguang Hotel-

  The whole annual meeting lasted for more than 3 hours, and 11 wonderful programs appeared one after another - wonderful stage play, dreamy and beautiful Swan Lake, romantic and beautiful ancient dance, energetic song of youth, cool and dynamic hands. Movies and TV shows, exotic hilarious sketches, and exciting song and dance mixes. . . Applause and laughter came one after another, and the atmosphere was festive and lively.

  -Ballet "Swan Lake" by Wanda Educational Company-

  -Dance "Gentleman's Life" brought by micro to health-

  -The stage play "Watching" brought by the property company-

  -The hand-movie film and light dance "Light of the City" brought by Hanyang Project Company-

  -A sketch "My Name is Jimmy" brought by a business management company-

  -The stage play "Waiting until the Dream Blooms" brought by the New Era Hotel of the Hotel Group-

  - The Spring Festival Gala has ended perfectly-