Don't hang up on ophthalmology, eat melons and watch! ! You and Erhuan·True·Aboriginal are only one shot away!



  Everyone knows that the cost of buying a house in Wuhan is getting higher and higher, and the current housing price is Yao Ming holding a basketball - you can't reach it if you jump! The down payment for just-needed houses in the third ring road will start at 500,000-600,000, such as Baishazhou, Sixin, and Houhu. Houses in the inner city center of Wuhan’s second ring road start at 30,000! Even the local old team was blinded, so he had to run to the waist (guo) and Rick fell down!

  But now it's alright, don't hang up on ophthalmology anymore, the chance to grab the house is here! In Wuhan Second Ring Road, there is still a complex market with less than "1". This project is New Beacon Hantang, the first masterpiece of new residential buildings in the core area of ​​New Beacon City.

  On top of the Wangjiawan business district, New Beacon is striving to build a 2 million-square-meter New Beacon Central Metropolitan Area, forming a tripartite relationship with the Central Business District and the Central Cultural District. Its core area [New Beacon Metropolitan Center] will create a trendy and dynamic feeling The "city within the city", fashionable marriage theme hotels, super-large shopping centers, three-dimensional art style streets, 100-meter twin-tower office buildings, large city parks, many dream squares, etc., present a trendy and fashionable urban life.

  New Beacon Han City central metropolitan area, located in the main business district of Wangjiawan, at the intersection of Hanyang Avenue and Longyang Avenue, between Wangjiawan Subway Station and Shilipu Subway Station, within a walking range of 500m, enjoying dual subways Station advantage. At the same time, the subway Line 3 and Line 4 can be seamlessly transferred, and the business districts of Hankou and Wuchang can be reached quickly and efficiently.

  Hantang, as the first masterpiece of the new residential building in the core area of ​​Han City, is based on the 2 million square urban complex of Han City, and enjoys both external and internal facilities. What is even more rare is that the project comes with 300,000 square meters of commercial buildings and 150,000 square meters of Grade A office buildings, which further complements and improves the commercial and business sectors of Wangjiawan. In terms of external facilities, Hantang is located in the Zhengwangjiawan area, which will accommodate the high-quality resources of the Wangjiawan business district and enjoy the future potential of Wangjiawan. The biggest highlight of the project is its own 300,000-square-meter composite commercial flagship. The all-customer floor, new business format, one-stop gathering center to meet the needs of new urban life, through the youth social center with movie entertainment as the core and the first music-themed family gathering center in Central China, Hantang has created a prosperous life right downstairs experience.