New Beacon Group exclusively titled Luo Zhixiang's 2017 Crazy World Tour



  After Luo Zhixiang came to Han in 2011 to perform, on December 3, 2017, Luo Zhixiang's 2017 "CRAZY WORLD Crazy World" concert, exclusively titled by New Beacon Group, will make a grand debut in Wuhan Sports Center Gymnasium (Zuankou). The Luo Zhixiang Crazy World Tour, which was launched in April last year, cost hundreds of millions of production costs and called on elite teams from many countries to create a cool and shocking live atmosphere: a stage scene that cost 15 million yuan to create, accompanied by the unique song of Xiaozhu The hot dance makes people feel an unparalleled audio-visual feast.

  When it comes to "favorite fans and idols", Luo Zhixiang can be said to be a golden signboard that has stood for more than 20 years in the circle. Luo Zhixiang calls his fans "wife". He pampers fans at the concert as he treats his wife. Before the performance, he said that he should be a warm man and treat his "wives" well, and he designed a new Surprise link for all fans. Therefore, after playing the "Asian Dance King" show in which 18 dances connected the whole show, Luo Zhixiang returned to his original intention and reproduced the highly acclaimed "Fine Dance" at the Wuhan Station of the "CRAZY WORLD Crazy World" tour concert. Satisfy the "wives" who love him for a long time.

  Luo Zhixiang's 2017 "CRAZY WORLD Crazy World" Concert---Wuhan Station

  show time

  December 3, 2017

  Performance venue

  Wuhan Sports Center Gymnasium (Zuankou)

  Show Tickets

  299/499/699/899/VIP/VVIP stand/VVIP infield

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