Public statement on the K9 garbage transfer station incident



  For the Hanyang New Beacon International Community Project developed by our company, due to the problem of the garbage transfer station, the sub-district government cooperated with the Hanyang Sub-bureau of Land Planning, the Regional Management Committee, the District Environmental Protection Bureau, New Beacon Property and the representatives of developers and owners to build a communication platform for Negotiations, in the case of negotiation without reaching an agreement, lead to disputes. Some owners took to the streets to besieged; some owners published false reports through self-media and related websites, causing major damage to New Beacon's corporate image.

  In response to this matter, Wuhan Shili Xinhang Real Estate Co., Ltd. made the following public statement:

  1. In order to further solve the problem of open-air collection of domestic waste in the city, the municipal government listed 150 new and renovated domestic waste collection stations as one of the "Ten Practical Events" in 2017. After research, in July 2017, the Hanyang District Development and Reform Commission issued the "Approval of the Feasibility Study Report (Substitute Project Proposal) for the Project of Newly-built Six Domestic Waste Collection Stations (Houses) in Hanyang District in 2017", clearly It is necessary to build a domestic waste transfer station in the open space of six communities including New Beacon, and build supporting facilities such as water supply and drainage, power supply and distribution, fire protection, and safety. At the same time, configure deodorizing facilities, cleaning tools, etc. The construction of the garbage collection station, one of the "Ten Practical Facts" of the municipal government, is reasonable and legal.

  2. Due to the owner's incomprehension, on November 7th, the staff of relevant government departments publicly promised to dismantle the K9 community garbage transfer station, and entered the actual implementation stage on the second day. New Beacon Property actively cooperated with the demolition work and continued to pay attention.

  3. However, a small number of owners who do not know the truth have written articles about New Beacon garbage transfer station without investigation and research, containing insulting remarks against New Beacon, and publicized them on the Internet, making New Beacon’s image. Damage, but also affects the public's awareness and trust in the New Beacon brand.

  In response to the above false reports and actions that have caused serious damage to New Beacon's corporate image and reputation, our company solemnly declares:

  1. I hope that the majority of netizens can rationally identify the authenticity of information, and must not blindly listen to partial beliefs, let alone repost them at will, so as to expand the spread of false information;

  2. For those who are irresponsible for their words and statements and malicious communicators, our company solemnly declares that we have collected evidence for untrue articles, and will resolutely resist cyber violence through laws, retain further laws and regulations, and use legal means to investigate rumors The legal responsibility of the processor, the right to protect the legitimate rights and interests of our company, and the promotion of the rule of law and a healthy social environment.

  Wuhan Shili Xinhang Real Estate Co., Ltd.


  Attachment 1: Screenshot of the reply from the relevant departments of the Hanyang District Government

  Attachment 2: Public explanatory poster of the relevant departments of the Hanyang District Government on the garbage collection station