The growth and transformation of interns at New Beacon Properties



  In July, Wuhan New Beacon Property Service Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Industrial and Commercial College officially formed a school-enterprise strategic partnership. This cooperation aims to promote the "win-win" model of sharing resources and information between schools and enterprises, allowing outstanding students to obtain dual platforms of school learning and enterprise practice at the same time, and achieve a combination of theory and practice targeted for enterprise training. type talents.

  In mid-to-late July, New Beacon Property welcomed the first batch of interns from Wuhan University of Technology and Business. These young and shy college students were assigned to the customer service department of Jincheng Service Center to officially start a six-month internship!

  Nearly a month has passed, how did the interns spend at the New Beacon property? Let's take a look at...

  Complete Internship Program

  In view of the specific training plan and work plan for the interns after they arrive on the job, the company's human resources department and Jincheng Service Center have made detailed plans, hoping that through this internship experience, they will be guided in-depth understanding of the content and connotation of property service work, and help them become Excellent property workers, so as to build a development platform for them to go to the society and enter the property service industry.

  Learning from "new", starting from "heart"

  For college students who have never been exposed to practical work, property management is just black and white in the book, but when the internship begins, they will face new content and methods, more challenging practical and experience. The customer service department is the department that most directly faces the owner among the four basic service sections of the property. If you want to have complete contact with the property management work during the half-year internship period and be handy in the position you belong to, it is absolutely necessary to be humble, careless, and not distracted. impossible to do...

  These interns who have not yet stepped out of the university are all standard "post-95s". They are assertive, innovative, and flamboyant. Their personality labels seem to be incompatible with the service spirit advocated by the property industry. But judging from the practice situation in the past month, they are realizing the integration of theory and practice step by step, grasping the connotation and essence of property management bit by bit, learning to observe and improve from daily work trivia, and are moving towards perfection growth and transformation! What else will be exciting in their internship period, we will wait and see...

  With the rapid development of New Beacon Property in the past two years, the demand for talents has increased day by day. The company has also absorbed and built a professional team with core competitiveness through various channels. School-enterprise cooperation is a new channel following the traditional internal referral, social recruitment, and campus recruitment. The company will continue to deepen and apply this talent introduction and training method, and hopes to cultivate more recognition for New Beacon Property Development. Professionals with ideas and common aspirations.