[Award again] The Triumph Mansion has achieved another success in the evaluation of the civilization level of the city's property communities



  On August 4, Wuhan Municipal Civilization Office and Wuhan Municipal Housing Management Bureau released the "Civilization Degree Index Evaluation Ranking of 80 Property Community in the City", and Kaixuan Mingdi Community in Wuchang District, which was served by New Beacon Property Management, ranked 11th! Recalling that Kaixuan Mingdi Community ranked 16th in Wuchang District in the red list of property service quality satisfaction in March, this time it has been ranked higher in the city's civilization level selection, which is really inspiring.

  As a New Beacon property with the longest service time, it is not easy for Kaixuan Mingdi Community to rank among the best in many communities in the city! Behind the honor is the hard work and dedication of all the property owners of Kaixuan Mingdi Service Center. Regardless of the change of day and night, the changing seasons, the difficulty or complexity, or the chaos and dirt, they compose "responsibility" with sincere actions, and cast "quality" with their hard-working sweat. The service achievements of Triumph Mansion have withstood the test of the owners and management departments, and also achieved a glorious moment for itself and New Beacon Properties.

  Work at night without forgetting the original dream

  Property managers are a group of the most lovely people, who silently undertake the maintenance and management of small homes in big cities; property managers are a group of most respectable people who do ordinary and simple work day after day but are always conscientious; property managers It is a group of the most amiable people. They are by your side, always appearing at the most difficult times, so that you can feel at ease and at ease.

  Don't be afraid of the future, don't miss the past! Exceed expectations, we have been on the road!