Shanghai | New Beacon's first cultural and creative brand hotel is grandly opened!



  New Beacon Hotel is a co-creation space theme hotel based on the integration of literature, painting, wine and tea. It adheres to the traditional system and integrates new ideas, and is committed to pursuing a different way of experience, advocating life and pursuing quality. Fashion and art.

  Let the mind escape from the chaos of war for a short time, or a book, or a wisp of tea, or an attitude of reconciliation, and integrate into it. Here, let go of the oppression of work, the dull life, and stay in a daze. The fragrance of books in the room soothes this pale and lonely soul, come to Shangju to let your heart be empty.

  The hotel is located at No. 33, Lane 1200, Yongsheng Road, Jiading District, Shanghai. Although it is located in the commercial center, it is a very suitable place to slow down in the busy city. It is 24 kilometers away from Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station and Hongqiao Airport, and 26 kilometers away from Shanghai Railway Station. It is 66 kilometers away from Pudong Airport, allowing you to enjoy the convenience of transportation in a fast-paced life.

  Entering the lobby, it was as if the breeze was coming.

  Walking step by step, passing one corner after another, it seems to have stepped into one era after another.

  The hotel is an independent building with a construction area of ​​5014 square meters, 4 floors above ground and 1 floor underground. There are 76 rooms in total.

  Here, it is not just a gathering place for meals, it can be a good place for you to stop at the scenery outside the window in a daze, drink tea or coffee with three or five friends, hold various parties and enjoy life.

  Come to New Beacon Shangju Hotel

  I'm waiting for you in the corner of this chaotic city