For enterprises to develop, fire safety is the guarantee



  Time is like an arrow, the sun and the moon are like a shuttle, and in a blink of an eye, it has reached the midsummer when the sun is like fire. With the advent of a large wave of high-temperature weather, the hottest "dog days" has also arrived. Thinking about it, it feels too hot to "survive", and this year The "dog days" is still the "extended version", and the "100-day safety and accident-free activity" carried out during this period has also reached the final sprint stage. This summer is destined to be "distressed", looping...

  Summer is a high-incidence period for all kinds of safety accidents, and high temperature weather is also an incentive to cause fires and various accidents, which has sounded the alarm for our personnel engaged in safety work. This 100-day safety and accident-free activity can be described as a timely rain.

  Carry out publicity and education on 100-day safety and accident-free activities

  During the event, the store hung a banner at the entrance of the staff passage, posted a 100-day safety and accident-free propaganda column and a fire prevention propaganda column in the passage, and posted specific work content and precautions in the training area of ​​each department to remind and warn the hotel staff at all times. At the same time, documents were issued to require all departments to organize employees to study, organize training on safety knowledge such as fire protection, public security, and post operation for employees, and require employees not to hurt others, not to hurt others, not to be hurt by others, and to do anything at work. From a safety standpoint.

  Implemented three-level safety inspections and increased inspection and inspection efforts

  Conduct business skills training for the hotel's voluntary fire brigade to ensure that in an emergency, they can "make a move, win a fight, connect and become successful", which requires strict requirements, strict training, hard training and skillful training. Only by mastering the strong skills can we better complete various tasks to deal with emergencies and achieve strong guarantees.