Create a dream for Wuhan



  In the urban taste of Wuhan people, fashionable is the core element that has always remained in the bones. Even if you turn to the Republic of China and the concession, you can see that Wuhan has a unique modernity. Times have changed, and this pursuit in the bones has never changed, but the development of Wuhan has not satisfied the fashionable of Wuhan people.

  The two rivers and three towns each have their own business atmosphere, and only Zhongnan is worth reshaping this value on the map of Wuhan’s expansion. In 30 years of Zhongnan, we recorded the changes and changes in Wuhan. It not only witnesses the epitome of the city's prosperity, but also engraves the spiritual totem of a city. The development of Zhongnan and the rebirth of architecture are the white moonlight to witness this dream become a reality.

  30 years of Zhongnan, shaping the legendary portal

  In the past 30 years, Zhongnan has interpreted the development and prosperity of Wuhan. Zhongnan has always been the frontier gateway where provincial organs are located, and government agencies such as the Hubei Provincial Government, provincial and municipal administrative units have gathered. The center of government affairs and culture, the legend and glory of Wuhan begins here.

  The Zhongnan area has always been the core area of ​​transportation. The intersection of Lines 2 and 4 makes it a rail transfer center. This is the gateway area of ​​Wuchang, the intersection of many golden roads, and a multi-dimensional three-dimensional transportation network, which not only accelerates the speed of travel, It is also the heat of commercial internationalization in the Central South Area.

  Fashionable reappears, DSM's dream of commercial sublimation

  Some dreams can't be distinguished if you don't do them

  Is it ethereal or grotesque?

  You may not be able to believe that some scenes cannot be seen

  Dreams are so close to you

  DSM International Center

  Take you to experience an unprecedented world

  Activate desire to imagine again

  A vane of fashion and fashion, a club of trends and ideas

  A subversive art, a collision of souls

  Coming for subversion, turning the whole city upside down with new trends

  DSM International Center, 70,000 square meters of light luxury art business, perfectly integrates international trends, exquisite life and humanities and arts. It is the first "business, tourism and cultural" shopping center in Central China, integrating four characteristic sectors of humanities, nature, art and experience , 50% of the complex business format, and the new business format accounts for 40%. It has many international brands that have entered Wuhan for the first time and has entered the country for the first time. It is committed to creating the most diverse and dynamic business entity.

  Gather all the good things to share with you

  Gather all your dreams to create a dream for you

  Dangdang Station

  The country's first "book" as the

  Media's Reading Theme Blocks

  Dangdang to build a new flagship brand

  The first reading-themed commercial block

  Use reading to open the beauty of life


  Wuhan's first dome screen high-definition theme

  Home Party Dream Space

  Customized fantasy PARTY park

  Fulfill your wishes and give you enough surprises

  anniversaries, birthdays, festivals

  The best service, make you unforgettable

  The gathering place of artistic trendy brands

  The most complete and most ing tide brand tribe

  The first-line trendy brand, the same style on the T stage

  Artistic master, international famous brand masterpiece

  Fashion lingers, the trend stops here

  Turn the arrogant world upside down, and the change is in your mind. Reject the vane of fashion and fashion, and conduct a parade of self-worth in the ruins of trends and ideas. Unprecedented world, awakening the five senses experience in Wuhan.

  December 2017

  Let Wuhan, unseen