Mutual benefit and win-win to create a good spring in education!



  On June 20, 2017, Peng Yunjun, Chairman of Wuhan Wangstar Education Development Co., Ltd., Huang Tingzhen, General Manager, Yu Fang, Director of Personnel, Li Juan, Director of Jiangxia Area, Zhu Hongying, Director of Nanhu Area, and others visited the beautiful Wuchang Vocational College. , and signed a school-enterprise cooperation agreement with Wuchang Vocational College.

  Li Jiarui, vice president of Wuchang Vocational College, Wang Jing, vice president of Wuchang Vocational College, and Li Long, vice president of the School of Foreign Languages ​​and Preschool Education, expressed their warm welcome and gratitude to our visit!

  At this school-enterprise cooperation conference, Peng Yunjun, chairman of Wangsda, pointed out that the development of the enterprise is inseparable from the introduction and training of talents. Wuchang Vocational College has abundant teaching resources and high comprehensive quality of students. In recent years, the cooperation with colleges and universities has progressed smoothly, which has also prompted the cooperation of the "Wangstar Kindergarten Teacher Class" order class. Through the joint efforts of both the school and the enterprise, the order class will surely cultivate more high-quality early childhood education talents in line with the enterprise, which has far-reaching significance for the development of the enterprise!

  During the period, Wang Jing, vice president of Wuchang Vocational College, delivered a speech, hoping that the cooperation between Wangsda and Wuchang Vocational College can strengthen communication, make full use of the resource advantages of both parties, establish a long-term cooperation mechanism, and actively promote the good cooperation between enterprises, schools and colleges. The cooperative relationship has further developed in depth. She expressed her confidence that this cooperation will be a complete success!

  This school-enterprise cooperation takes advantage of the respective advantages of Wuhan Wangsida Education Development Co., Ltd. and Wuchang Vocational College to achieve the purpose of resource sharing and mutual benefit. The school-enterprise cooperation has achieved a new concept of meeting the needs of the society, integrating with the market, cooperating with enterprises, and combining practice and theory, bringing a spring to the development of the education industry.

  Chairman Peng Yunjun and Vice President Li Jiarui of Wuchang Vocational College signed a friendly cooperation agreement on behalf of the enterprise and the school respectively, and awarded the school the honor of ''talent cultivation base''.

  Strengthening school-enterprise cooperation and establishing a long-term talent training and delivery base is of milestone significance for enterprises and schools. School-enterprise cooperation promotes communication between schools and enterprises, provides more employment opportunities for students, and makes due contributions to the development of local economy!

  Wangsda Education is committed to the chain development of high-quality kindergartens, and has now developed into a mid-to-high-end preschool education brand, and continues to carry out long-term cooperation with colleges and universities to create a good spring in education!