"Manage Yourself, Make an Outstanding Life" - Remembering New Beacon Property's 2017 Speech Contest



  In the bright April, New Beacon Property's series of reading activities "Enlighten Wisdom with Reading and Nurture the Soul with Wisdom" were unveiled. The company started the learning mode from top to bottom and enjoyed the joy of reading a book.

  As the finale of the reading series activities, on the afternoon of June 8, "Managing Yourself, Exceptional Life - New Beacon Property's 2017 Recitation and Speech Contest" kicked off. The 12 contestants recited passionately and gave impassioned speeches, setting off one climax after another in the competition.

  During the competition, two company executives were specially invited to share their experiences. From them, we heard inspiration on practical work, discussion on management methods, and understanding of how to behave in the world.

  After fierce competition, the individual awards were released, with 9 outstanding awards. Their active participation and devotion made us intoxicated and unforgettable.

  As the event drew to a close, Mr. Du Fangfu, general manager of New Beacon Property, delivered a concluding speech. He encouraged everyone to continue to learn and apply what they have learned. He also mentioned that the company will continue to provide a stage for everyone to show their expertise, and truly realize the corporate mission of "creating a happy and harmonious quality of life"!

  The happy time is very short. This competition is a summary of the reading activities, but reading will not stop. We will continue to improve and make continuous progress, so that the big ship of New Beacon Property will go further and sail to glory!