2017 New Beacon Hotel General Manager Echelon Training Officially Started



  On the morning of June 26, 2017, the opening ceremony of the general manager echelon training class of New Beacon Hotel and the first theoretical training session were officially held in the banquet hall on the second floor of New Beacon New Era International Hotel.

  A total of 9 people were selected to participate in the general manager echelon training class. The specific training work is led and organized by the company's human resources management center and operation center. It is expected to take 5 months in general. The trainees of each echelon will be transferred through temporary job rotation in various departments of the hotel, general manager's teaching and guidance, and concentrated theoretical teaching. It takes time to quickly become familiar with various policies, systems, plans and processes of the company and the hotel, master the key business links of various departments of the hotel, and initially have the comprehensive ability to independently operate and manage a hotel.

  During the opening ceremony, Ms. Zou Huijuan from the company's human resources management center first introduced the general manager's echelon training plan in detail, and then nine members of the echelon combined with the first stage of temporary job rotation and training experience, to the company leaders and hotel general managers. reported. In response to the students' reports, Ms. Ma Jingqiong from the company's operation center and Mr. Tang Xiaogang from the human resources management center made comments, and made requirements and introductions on the company's learning direction and subsequent teaching arrangements for the students.

  Mr. Wu Bin, Chairman and General Manager of New Beacon Hotel Group, gave a speech at the opening ceremony for the training of the members of the general manager's echelon, and encouraged the company's future development and sharing of Mr. Kazuo Inamori's management ideas. The members of the echelon should strengthen their goals, raise their awareness, overcome difficulties, strengthen their studies, establish correct values ​​and professional outlook, and strive to achieve the comprehensive management qualities that a hotel general manager should possess. At the same time, I wish this echelon training class a complete success!

  After the opening ceremony, Mr. Wu Tonghuan, the company's marketing center, brought a lesson "Under the Internet - New Beacon Membership Development Model", which officially opened the prelude to this current New Beacon hotel general manager echelon training class.