New Beacon Property "Phase 1 Reserve Project Manager Training Camp" was grandly opened



  New Beacon Property "Phase 1 Reserve Project Manager Training Camp" has started!

  This is really great news for the 21 trainees who have gone through layers of selection and finally entered the training camp. Because this means that a rare learning and improvement journey has officially begun!

  This camp opening ceremony is simple but not simple, simple but not ordinary. Group and company leaders, well-known international and domestic industry elites, and all the students gathered together to add a strong touch to this solemn ceremony.

  The opening ceremony kicked off the 10-week training camp, and the trainees will then embark on their journey. Facing them will be: practical course drills, complicated schoolwork pressure, confrontational defense design, and cruel last-place elimination. Wish them study hard and rise to the challenge!

  June 7th, sunny

  Laughter and hardship coexist, sweat and tears are intertwined, and the highest intensity physical challenge and willpower training have been successfully completed. The students have gained a lot, and they have realized that the road ahead is bound to be twists and turns, and they firmly believe that they have the courage to face everything. The training camp assembly horn has sounded, and there is a long way to go. The students are all in place, and they are officially in a state of preparation! Concentrate, be humble, feel at ease, integrate, deepen, and devote the twelve-character motto to the students and encourage them with you.