Cafe Marketing Center, a sales experience that Wuhan has never had before



  Jiangcheng's first coffee-themed marketing center is about to open. Farewell to the traditional sales department, this place will become a gathering place for people to slow down and taste all kinds of coffee, a leisurely and calm resting place. Humanistic art installations, nostalgic and retro gramophones, American-style industrial sofas, and compact and well-proportioned bar counters create an elegant and warm atmosphere...

  【Café where you can drink your contacts - DEMO Coffee】

  In this "DEMO coffee", people who come here are not for coffee, they only pay 25 yuan for a cup of coffee, and they can seek advice, investment and partners for their entrepreneurial plans here. This cafe was also awarded the The title of "Hubei Science and Technology Business Incubator".

  [Photo-themed shop - Deep Field Photo Studio]

  Depth of field originated from the professional term for photography, depth of field. The owner wanted to be a coffee shop with photography as the theme. The Deep Field Photo Studio has now become an open photography studio, as well as various picture books, original postcards, private snacks and drinks, and various small items.

  【Dating Mecca for Couples - Weiqi Cafe】

  Every corner of the cafe looks so refreshing and refreshing, and the simple colors are filled with a strong literary atmosphere. A little elegance in a low-key, a little creative in simplicity, isn't that what a romantic mood is like?

  [Board Game Cafe in the Flowers - Flower Town]

  The flower shop and the cafe are open together. The entrance is full of flowers and plants, and there is a small balcony. Every corner is also decorated with flowers grown by the small flower shop. It is very fresh and a little classical. The taste of a European town cafe!

  【Extreme Japanese style - merci café】

  A grocery coffee shop hidden in an old house under the plane tree. There are Japanese-style groceries ZAKKA and various small plants that decorate the life atmosphere. Imported coffee, organic herbal tea and delicious handmade refreshments are provided here. There are intimate gatherings of old friends and alone on rainy days. Afternoon tea in a daze, and everything you'll love.

  When urban dwellings and coffee art meet here in a passionate "fragrance", the Man-enjoyment lifestyle starts from now on.

  On June 3, the New Beacon International Community Marketing Center will be grandly opened, and the coffee boutique salon will invite you to taste it!

  Address: Intersection of Sixin North Road and Fangcao Road