The hotel knowledge competition of "Newly moving the world and returning home in triumph" was successfully held



  On May 16, at the New Beacon New Era International Hotel, the New Beacon Hotel Group Operation Center and Human Resource Management Center jointly held the "New Beacon World, a Triumphant Homecoming" and the 2017 New Beacon Hotel Knowledge Contest. Mr. Wu Bin, chairman of the hotel group, came to the competition site, cheered on the contestants, and presented awards to the winners. The competition has received strong support from leaders at all levels and departments of the group company. The hotels actively participated and prepared carefully. The wonderful performance of the contestants and the enthusiastic cheer of the relatives and friends added more vitality and color to the competition!

  This knowledge contest started WeChat voting on May 12, and ended at 17:00 on May 15. A total of more than 13,000 votes were received, and the activity was viewed nearly 20,000 times. The circle of friends mode was once opened. Thank you to everyone. A New Beacon family who voted!

  The official competition has three types of questions: compulsory questions, rush questions and risk questions. It challenges the contestants from professional skills, English expression, company policies and regulations, etc., and also tests whether the contestants are quick-witted.

  In the compulsory question section of the first stage, the players rely on their mastery of basic knowledge, and the score gap is not big. In the second stage of the rush to answer questions, the competition began to get tense. Not only did they have to grab the questions, but they also had to answer them within a limited time. Points would be deducted for correct answers. At the moment of the device, I felt my heart skip a beat. When it comes to the risky questions in the third stage, you must not only have strong skills, but also have strategies. If you are not sure about the answer, you can choose an opponent you think is competitive. , The speed of answering quickly made it impossible for other participating teams to start, and Zhou Ting of the Xueba team was also awarded the honorary title of "Intelligent Star". In the interactive part of the competition, the leaders of the guest seats and the audience answered questions interactively. The audience who answered correctly were rewarded with books carefully selected by the human resources department of the company, and the atmosphere at the scene reached a fever.

  This knowledge contest starts from the issuance of the activity plan and the organization of all employees to learn the hotel service knowledge question bank, to the hotel general manager and the personnel department to organize the hotel full-staff training, theoretical examination, the preliminary competition of internal knowledge competition, to the finals, in each hotel. It has set off a wave of learning service knowledge and improving service skills.

  The successful holding of the competition is a review of the theoretical knowledge of New Beacon hotel service, and it is also the true embodiment of the service spirit of New Beacon Hotel Group. It is a new starting point for us on the road to higher service quality! New Beacon will always exceed your expectations!