"Youth is dedicated to education, and talent is on the job" - "May 4th" Youth Day Activities of Wangsda Crystal Lidu Kindergarten



  In order to inherit and carry forward the glorious tradition of the May Fourth Movement, vigorously carry forward the May Fourth spirit of "patriotism, progress, democracy and science", and encourage young teachers to be dedicated and dedicated to their jobs. At noon on May 4, 2017, all the young teachers of Wangsda Crystal Lidu Kindergarten organized the Youth Day patriotic and post-loving exchange meeting organized by the trade union.

  The young teachers came to the stage one by one and told them with passion, vivid language and touching deeds through moving little stories one by one. They are closely related to their own reality, dig deep into the highlights and highlights of themselves or their colleagues, and fully demonstrate the devotion and dedication, pioneering and innovative, selfless dedication, and exemplary morality of our teachers in their work! Warm applause broke out from time to time in the venue.

  It is believed that our teachers will also uphold the spirit of the "May 4th", contribute their youth to the children, and show their youthful passion in the preschool education positions.